Wednesday, July 30, 2014

West Mall Kou Fu Food Court - Xin Zhuo Mi Fen

West Mall, Bukit Batok - Food Court

Decided to try a dish from this store at the West Mall Kou Fu food court, located at Bukit Batok.

Would it be the Hong Kong mee or braised ee-fu seafood noodles?  Neither.

Many dishes to choose from.  They will be prepared a la minute.

Decided to try this one - Sin Zhou Mi Fen.

That's the picture of the store.  You can't miss it.  Chinese Cuisine Express.

There is the end product.  $4.50 SGD.

The serving wasn't very big, but more than enough for one.  Nicely fried, with a strong 'wok' flavour.  I would eat it again.

This was my drink - Coffee Black, or Kopi-O as we call it in Singapore.

Safe travels!

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