Monday, July 28, 2014

Adventure of the Seas, Olden, Norway, Sailing Away Pictures and Videos

Here are some short video compilations of the sail away from Olden.

The fjord leading into Olden is the 6th longest in Norway.  It took us 4 hours to sail in.   We would have a wonderful view sailing out, as the ship left at 3pm.

Here are the two videos:

Shorter video - (available in HD)

Longer video: (also available in HD)

The rest of this blog page contain pictures of the sail-away.   We had good weather and many passengers stayed out on deck for many hours.

Very pretty scenery.

Cameras were all out.

Sail Away!

I think there was something happening by the poolside.  But nobody seemed interested.

Deep waters.

Just chill, and admire.   This was a Norwegian fjord!

Yeah, chill.

Oh yes, some dancing going on.

Peak, after peak, after peak.


Oh yes, scones for afternoon tea.  Simply delicious.

Also helped myself to some tacos.

From the aft balcony.

Thanks for viewing!

(See Main Dining Room Dinner - Olden)

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