Friday, July 11, 2014

Itacho Sushi - Star Mall Singapore (Buona Vista)

I had a quick bite at Itacho Sushi - Star Mall.  It was good!  I understand that Itacho Sushi currently has 5 outlets in Singapore, one of them at Changi Airport.  I dined at the Star Mall outlet (the Mall beside Buona Vista MRT station).

It was mid-afternoon, neither here nor there in terms of eating time, but I wanted a bite.  I was told that this place served bite-size sushi.  So I decided to try it out.

Here was the menu that was displayed outside the restaurant.  Looked interesting, unfortunately, the really cheap sushi ($0.40 per piece) was sold out.  Regardless, the other sushi on offer looked decent.  So I decided to try.

This was how the restaurant looked from the outside.

That is the entrance.  Looks inviting.

The restaurant was pretty empty, given the time I was there.  The same menu again.

They also had other menus.  This was the lunch special.  Looked decent.

Lunch set menu continued.

Lunch set menu cover page.  I didn't ask what time lunch hours were, since I didn't plan to order from the lunch menu.

Here was my green tea.

The tables beside me were empty.

This was the sushi counter.  The chefs must be preparing my sushi order.

I ordered 5 pieces of sushi.  Here were the first two.

The sushi on the left was the Salmon Lobster Salad Roll ($2.90) for this serving of 2 pieces.  On my right was the Spicy Salmon Sakura Shrimp something, at $1.40.

A closer look.  This was pretty good!

The other three pieces arrived.

This was my snack.  Yumz!!

So what were these three pieces?  In the exact order you see above.  Leftmost was the Spicy Squid leg salad and something ($1.00).  Middle piece was the Squid and Shishamo Roe, also $1.00.  The third piece was the Seafood Salad w/Cheese pressed sushi. ($1.00)

I liked the Salmon Lobster salad roll best.  Then again, it was the most expensive! The rest were good too, though the seafood salad with cheese tasted a bit unexpected, with cheese.

But all good.  The sushis looked like works of art too.  Very appealling to the eye.

Here was the bill for my 5 pieces of sushi.   There was no charge for the green tea.  Not sure whether the green tea is complimentary, or because they forgot to charge? Anyway...

Pretty good sushi, at least by my not-very-high standards.  I didn't eat any of their fancy stuff.  It was still an enjoyable experience.  Would I go again?  Yes.

Here are some photos of Star Mall.

Oh, I saw this 'Fabulous High Tea' at $9.90 at Jamaica Blue fine coffee joint.  This coffee joint looked pretty crowded.  Maybe it is quite good?

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