Sunday, September 1, 2019

Hong Kong Protests 2019 Video Compilation

Hong Kong in 2019.  This year will forever be remembered, for the year that HK exploded into protests, week after week after week.  Stay tuned to this blog page for more videos, from the ground!

I must say whether you agree or disagree with the HK protestors, they started out very peacefully and showed great discipline in the early stages. In June 2019, protestors turned out in force, in a most disciplined manner.

But unfortunately, the situation quickly got out of hand.  Public opinion started to turn against the protestors when they decided to shut down Hong Kong International Airport, without warning, in early August.  Hundreds of flights were cancelled, and in this poignant video below, a Caucasian woman was begging the protestors to let her through to her aircraft gates.

This video shows you the scale of the protests at the Airport.  The protestors were very organized indeed.

And, as if disrupting Airport operations weren't sufficient, they also disrupted the Subway system, as seen in this video.  They wanted to choke the economy perhaps?

Normal day to day living was getting disrupted. In this case, protestors surrounded a black car and started to bash it.