Friday, July 11, 2014

Hans @ Chevrons (SAF Warrant Officers and Specialists Club)

Hans @ Chevrons

The Chevrons is the Singapore Armed Forces Club for Warrant Officers and Specialists, located along Boon Lay road near Jurong East, IMM Building.  Their website is -

The club is open to public, well at least the public areas like restaurants are opened to public. There is a Hans cafe and eatery located on site.   Hans is a traditional Hainanese eatery, with outlets all over Singapore island.   The outlet at Chevrons is large and spacious.

Hans serves a mixture of chinese and western food, at reasonable prices.

Here are some specials available.

The counter where you place your orders.  They will give you a buzzer which will buzz when your order is ready.

I was here on a lazy afternoon.  It was tea time for me and I decided to get some coffee (feeling sleepy!) as well as a sandwich.  You can see the prices in the receipt below.

That was my Kopi-Si.  Good taste.

They had a machine selling speciality coffees, however, it wasn't in use.  Given the price different, I'm perfectly fine with my kopi-si.

Here was my sandwich. Freshly prepared, toasted wholemeal bread, tasted awesome!

Here is the Sandwich menu.  All freshly prepared.  I did not see that they had any pre-packed sandwiches.

Good coffee, great sandwich.  A very good experience for tea.

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 Happy reading!

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