Monday, November 13, 2017

Nasi Lemak Burger & Ninja Burger Singapore

Nasi Lemak Burger for Breakfast

This was from the McDonald's at Serene Center, on a weekend morning.  I visited the Macs and discovered that they were serving the Nasi Lemak burger for breakfast!  Couldn't resist, so I had breakfast (again).  Ordered the Nasi Lemak burger plus Latte.  Pretty good for breakfast.


Ninja Burger for Supper

This was from a different McDonalds.  Decided to try out their latest burger, called the Ninja burger. Fit for a Ninja!  That's what the box said.  Satisfy your appetite for VICTORY with a juicy, crispy chicken patty, glazed with sweet Nanban Sauce, topped with shredded white cabbage and Japanese tartar sauce, all tucked between a charcoal bun.  Resistance is futile!  How did it taste?  Remarkably similar to the Nasi Lemak burger.  I think they used the same sauce!

Thanks for watching!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Cashless in China

China.  They are so advanced when it comes to cashless payments!  You got to visit China to see it for yourself, just how widespread WeChat pay and Alipay are used.  These days, the Chinese don't need cash, don't need debit or credit cards.  It is all about paying using their WeChat wallets or Alipay wallets.  Fantastic.

In China, they all use smartphones.  Even the elderly.  See this video taken on the Guangzhou Metro.

At the Guangzhou Bus station, you can buy tickets using the QR Code. They put up all the QR codes on the wall.  No more ticket booths. No more ticket lines.  Your phone becomes your ticket booth.  Your phone gets the e-ticket (no more paper).  Amazing stuff.

Even the vending machines accepted mobile payments.  In this video, we pay for our vending machine drinks using the WeChat wallet. It was so easy and convenient!  No need for spare change!

Amazing stuff.  We in Singapore are so behind.