Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hong Lim Park Protestors Heckle Special Needs Children - Singapore

I usually do not want to comment on such issues, since this is a travel and food blog.

However, this is way too much.

Despite the heckling, the special needs kids soldiered on.  They were stunned at first, but they soldiered on.  Talk about grit and determination.

See the YouTube link for yourselves.  No way to justify what they were doing.

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Majestic Restaurant

Majestic Restaurant 

New Majestic Hotel, Singapore.  This hotel is a boutique hotel.  The restaurant has had very good reviews online.  Decided to try it for a birthday celebration.

Video slideshow.

Some more pictures here. This was one of their signature tofu dishes.

This was the ee-fu noodles cooked with duck meat, from the peking duck.  Tasty.

This restaurant has won many awards.

So many trophies.

The chefs were very busy.  Our food arrived quite quickly because we had an early start to dinner.  We got there at 6pm.

We didn't take the set dinners, but ordered a la carte, which turned out to be quite reasonable in price.  The individual set dinners looked good, though be prepared to pay for them.

Overall, the cooking was definitely above average, in some cases very different.  Many large groups, including children, adults and seniors.  The seniors looked like they were enjoying themselves.  Not a bad place to bring the older folks for good Chinese-Cantonese style cooking.

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KL nabs three ISIS fighters about to leave for Syria

Up to 1,000 recruits from Asia may have joined the group. Malaysia has arrested a total of 22 this year.

According to a US Admiral, the number could get larger going forward. Why are these people leaving their countries to join the ISIS? What drives them to take up arms for the ISIS cause? This is quite bewildering from an outsider's point of view.

Make no mistake, the ISIS does not tolerate criticism. This woman critical of ISIS has been executed. All she did was to criticise the ISIS group in social media.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Wallich - a place for drinks

Had some drinks at the Wallich - Grill, Bar and Lounge with some friends.

Here is a slide show.  Thanks for viewing!


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

British Airways London to Dublin and return in Business Class plus Dublin Airport DAA Lounge

British Airways - London to Dublin Flight in Business

British Airways - Dublin to London Flight in Business

Dublin Airport and Lounge
I was flying from Dublin to London, this was in late 2013.  Here I was, check-in counters of Dublin Airport.

Flying Club Europe today.

Terminal 1 Lounge.  I read somewhere that you could access this lounge for 20 Euros per passenger.

Lounge was not full when I got there, but it quickly filled up.

Self-service area.

Alcoholic beverages were limited to two per person.  I can't drink so much anyway.

Cereals for breakfast.


Irish stone-ground whole wheat.

The King standing on the King of Beers.

What about a King on a Guiness.

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