Sunday, July 13, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 10 - Molde, Norway - Part 4 - Romsdal Museum

Romsdal Museum - worth a visit if you are in Molde, Norway.  It is an outdoor museum, similar to the one we went to in Trondheim.   Come to think of it, both outdoor museums in Trondheim and Molde were very similar!  Still, I'm glad we did both simply because we live in the tropics and we don't have such museums back home.  It was good that they were open today (Sunday).

Inside one of the preserved homes.

Some kind of fireplace, I think.

Look at how tall this guide was!  Or rather, how short the ceiling was.  All of the houses were made of wood.

Definitely a fire hazard.  But the guide claimed that the walls of the houses were very resistant to fire, because the wood was dried up.  The furniture, however, was a different matter altogether.

Small writing table.

Some bedroom?  I don't think they had sewerage systems back then.

This looks like where they cooked.  Kitchen?

This was supposedly a workshop of a carpenter.

And his tools.

Now I recall the guide telling us that this person made substantial money due to a fire in a nearby Norwegian city, I think it was Alesund.  He made a lot of money making tables.

They look semi-modern?

More houses.

The roofs were quite something to behold.  Also a fire hazard, if they dried up.

Many trees and greenery.  A big change from Iceland.

I wonder what this chap was trying to do.  I hope he doesn't fall over.  Not fun to get injured while on holiday.

Pretty neat.

We entered a church, which had a replica of a ship hanging from its ceiling.

Video in the Wooden Church, Romsdal Museum, Molde, Norway.

The guide did say there was no evidence that the ship was built.  Even if built, it probably wouldn't float.  Too many cannons.

The altar of this very small wooden church.

Very nice and bright day.

The day wasn't that warm though.

A person in his motorized wheelchair, zooming across the green grass.

This was in another wooden house.  They had guides around, explaining the history of the place.

Everybody was out to enjoy the sunshine.

The little pond had some wildlife.

This place was a up a small knoll.  They were showing us how to make some flat bread and butter.

A closer up look at the vegetation growing on the roof.

Looks like an old fireplace.  At least the fireplace was made of brick!

Here is the map of the place.

Those were ducks.

Sunny day.

This looked like a cafe, but it was closed.

Another house you could go into.

Nice greenery.

We are back at the entrance/exit.

After the museum visit, we headed back to the ship - Part 5.

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