Monday, July 14, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 10 - Molde,Norway - Part 5 - Walking Back to Ship from Rommsdal Museum

After Romsdal Museum, it was time to head back to the ship.  By this time, we had built up a good appetite from all the walking!  So we were most eager to get back for a good lunch.

We took a different route back.  This time, we followed the signs.  When we came here, we didn't follow the signs.

It is the Green Corridor, I think.  It says 1.1km to the Sentrum.

Strange.  Another uphill climb?  I thought we should be heading downhill.  Never mind, let's follow the sign, for a while at least.

Yes, it was the correct direction.  We go up a small knoll, and you get this gorgeous view of the ship!

Then we start walking down, via the Green corridor.


Looked like some gardens?

Well, we just kept walking in the direction of the ship.  Can't be wrong.

Found this sign when we came to the road.  No, we are not heading to Varden.

It sure looks like the Adventure of the Seas was the largest structure in town.

Nice and bright.

Getting closer! You could even see the passengers on the sun deck from here.

Wait, blocked by this house.

Passed by a Comfort Hotel.  Very near port now.

Oh, a dentist.

Yes, back to the ship.

Look, there was a couple on the balcony of this building, which I believe was some hotel.

Time for lunch please!!

Some tour coaches were coming back too.

Were these waterfront apartments?  Nice.

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