Saturday, July 26, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 11 - Sailing into Olden - Part 1

Sailing into Olden Part 1

We were in Olden!  Day 11 of our 13N cruise.  Olden, Norway, would be by far the smallest port that we have ever sailed into. In fact, the Captain called this a village, population about 500 to 600.

We would have to sail in quite a distance from the open sea, through some beautiful fjords, to get to Olden.  See the screenshot of the google maps below.  The red marker on the right side of this screenshot marks Olden.

I got up to deck about 1 hour before the ship docked at Olden pier.  It was a truly magical sight.

Check out the low cloud cover.

We were sailing that way, into Olden.

The peaks, hiding behind the low-lying clouds.

Misty morning.

We came from there, I think.

This is facing forward.  We are heading that way.

Outdoor screen showing a fish tank?

Houses and homes.

Somewhere ahead, that would be Olden.

Not many people on deck at this time.

Yes, those were houses.

More homes.

Not many were up and about this morning.

The pier is straight ahead.

The pier looks rather small.   But it would do.  Not a tender port.

Getting closer.

That is the pier.  The ship is longer than the pier.

All the deck chairs stacked up.

We could see tour coaches pulling in.  Those must be for the ship's tours.

Ah ha - Glacier Sightseeing tour bus.

That building on the right is the visitor centre.

You can see that this place is not very big at all!

The lovely staff performing a random number outside the Windjammer. A+ for the effort!

Striking a pose.

The ship was pulling in.

Look at that low-lying cloud.

The sky was clearing up.  Getting brighter now.

It would be a beautiful day ahead.

Onward to Part 2 - Tram Ride

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