Bangkok, Thailand


Bangkok has become our favourite short getaway destination.  A short 2.5 hour flight from Singapore, there are several low-cost carriers that ply the Singapore-Bangkok route, offering very competitive fares.  Hotels are plentiful and relatively inexpensive, food is good, shopping is also good.  Hence it makes for a great short getaway, to chill and do nothing.  On this page, I will post the links to the blog posts that I have done on Bangkok, to share more on what we do when we are there.

Low cost - the way to go.  So far, we have flown to Bangkok once on Airasia and twice with FlyScoot.

Airasia operates out of the older Don Muang airport.  I found Airasia to be very efficient and the food onboard (Nasi Lemak) was really good!  This is the link to my AirAsia blog post.

FlyScoot operates once a day to BKK.  The flight times are 1745hrs departing Singapore.  The return flight departs 2005hrs Bangkok (all times local, there is a one hour difference between Singapore and Bangkok).

TZ 302 - Singapore to Bangkok
TZ 301 - Bangkok to Singapore, including BKK Airport
(Check out my video on the legroom of Scoot)

We prefer to stay in hotels near Central World and the main shopping area, rather than hotels by the river. We have yet to stay at a river front hotel.  So far, we have stayed at Fourpoints by Sheraton (near Terminal 21), Hotel Muse as well as Courtyard by Marriott.

Yes, we eat.  That said, we stick to safe options, usually restaurants.  Here are some restaurants that we frequent.

Fuji Restaurant- A favourite with our kids, especially the Teriyaki Chicken Set costing 130 Thai Baht.  See this blog post for our review.

MK Restaurant - A favourite with the entire family.  See blog post for more pictures.

Yum Saap -  A chain restaurant specialising in Thai food.  My wife and I like it.  I really like the Pad Thai.  Too strong tasting for our kids though.  More in this blog post.

Bar.B.Q Plaza - We tried this one, but not exactly our cup of tea. Still, it was an interesting experience.  See this blog post for pictures and a short video.

Bangkok International Airport, S&P Cafe  - This restaurant is located in the public area of the BKK Airport, the new one and not Don Muang.  The food is reasonably priced, for an airport location.  See this blog post for a review.  

Crepes and Co -  We go to this place for dessert crepes with ice-cream.  The kids love it.  The cheaper outlet would be at Central Mall, though their restaurant at Langsuan is very nice too.

We have seen a couple of sights, but overall, we are not excited by the sights and sounds of Bangkok.  The temples do not really interest us.  On our latest trip, we visited Asiatique.

Usually, I will take the opportunity to tailor more shirts and pants for office wear.  I use a tailor called GMC Style, located at Amarin Plaza.  They are not the cheapest, neither are they the more expensive. So far, I have been very happy with the quality, so I continue to use them.

Here are some pictures of Central World.


  1. Wow! I also had a good experience in Bangkok! With a tight budget, I searched the Cheapest Hotels in Bangkok and I'm so lucky to find one.

  2. Scoot, Lion Air and Air Asia which one is better for Bangkok ? I too stayed at courtyard Marriot because I have membership but there are plenty of good options available near Siam Shopping complex. Planning to visit again next year...thanks for the post