Sunday, July 6, 2014

Ban Heng @ Boon Keng - Ban Heng Teochew Restaurant - Boon Keng Road

Had dinner at Ban Heng @ Boon Keng a couple of months ago.    Ban Heng is a Teochew restaurant chain in Singapore, with at least 5 outlets all over the island.   We dined at the restaurant located on Boon Keng road.  It was a Saturday evening and the place was full.

Here is the restaurant website.

The obligatory steamed buns to start.

We came here for the Roasted Suckling Pig.  The Pig was of a very good size.  In fact, quite big!

They also served it in the Peking Duck style, which was great for me.

I don't really care for Roasted Suckling Pig, but in this form, it tasted pretty good.

Fried Fish.  Not bad.

Left over pig, after they sliced out more of the skin.  Yes, the skin is the delicacy.

This was the chicken.  Pretty good too.


Oh, the rest of the pig.  They chopped it up and served it again!


There was even a serving of crab.

With some buns, to go with the crab.

Noodles, which was just average.

Yam paste - very traditional Teochew.  I don't really care for this, however, some people love it!

Overall, a good dinner.

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