Iceland & Norway Cruise

This is the landing page for our wonderful trip to the UK, sailing out of Southampton on the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas.  We were headed for a 13N adventure to Iceland and Norway.

This was the first time we were sailing out of Southampton, UK, and we had a very enjoyable experience. There was plenty to shop in Southampton!

We flew to London on Singapore Airlines (see review), stayed at the Premier Inn West Quays Southampton for one night pre-cruise, before boarding the ship.

Here are the links to the various blog pages (work-in-progress).

SQ 308 - Singapore to London
SQ 305 - London to Singapore

Southampton, Premier Inn West Quay, where we stayed 1 night.

Paulton's Park, Peppa Pig World.


Day 1 Boarding
Days 2 and 3 - Cruising, Sea Days
Ice Show - "Cool Art, Hot Ice"

Reyjavik, Iceland 
Part 1 - Getting the rental car, Thinvellir (Pingvellir) 
Part 2 - Gullfoss Waterfall; Video link
Part 3 - Strokkur, Geysir and back to ship;  Video of the drive
Part 4 - 2nd day in Reyjavik, Blue Lagoon, Hallgrimskirkja; Video of the drive
Video - Adventure of the Seas in Reyjavik port.

Akureyri, Iceland
Part 1 - Arrival
Part 2 - Driving to Godafoss
Part 3 - Godafoss (continued)
Part 4 - Botanical Gardens
Part 5 - City Centre
Part 6 - Sailing away, Icelandic Fjords and goodbye to Iceland

Day 7 - Sea Day (Time to chill)
Day 7 - MDR Dinner and Top Tier Party

Day 8 - Trondheim, Norway
Morning (at Sea) 
Part 1 - Sailing into Trondheim, Walking into City Centre
Part 2 - Walking in Trondheim, Food Prices!
Part 3 - Sverresborg Trondlega Folkemuseum
Part 4 - Sverresborg Trondlega Folkemuseum (continued) and back to ship

Day 9 - Alesund, Norway 
Morning (Sailing in to Alesund port)
Part 1 -  Getting the rental car (BMW 520d) and Self-Drive
Part 2 -  Driving to Trollstigen
Part 3 - Trollstigen Viewpoints
Part 4 - More Trollstigen and heading back to Ship
Part 5 - Aksla Viewpoint and back to Ship
Part 6 - Nice after dinner walk, Alesund

Day 10 - Molde, Norway
Part 1 - We are in Molde!
Part 2 - Walking up to Varden Viewpoint
Part 3 - Varden Peak and Walking Down to Romsdal Museum
Part 4 - Romsdal Museum
Part 5 - Walking Back to Ship from Romsdal Museum
Part 6 - Walking Around Molde in the Afternoon
Part 7 - Watching Aid Luna Sail By
Part 8 - Sailing away from Molde

Day 11 - Olden, Norway
Sailing into Olden (Video)
Part 1 - Sailing into Olden, Norway
Part 2 - Olden
Part 3 - Olden
Part 4 - Sailing away (Pictures and Videos)

Day 12 - Stavanger, Norway 
Part 1 - Sailing into Stavanger
Part 2 - Stavanger
Part 3 - Stavanger, Lysefjord cruise, Pulpit Rock (videos)
Part 4 - Lysefjord cruise on board Rygertroll - Pictures
Part 5 - Lysefjord cruise on board Rygertroll continued
Part 6 - Stavanger - walking around town
Part 7 - Stavanger - Sail Away

Day 13 - Sea Day
Part 1 - Sea Day (last full day before disembarkation)

Dining and Food!
Day 1 - Main Dining Room Dinner
Day 2 - Main Dining Room Dinner (Formal Night)
Day 3 - Giovanni's Table Speciality Restaurant; Giovanni's Table Menus
Days 2-3 - Lunch in the Main Dining Room (Sea Days)
Day 5 - Main Dining Room Dinner 
Day 7 - Main Dining Room Dinner
Day 8 - Main Dining Room Dinner (Ship was in Trondheim)
Day 9 - Main Dining Room Dinner (Ship was in Alesund)
Day 10 - Main Dining Room Dinner (Ship was in Molde)
Day 11 - Main Dining Room Dinner (Ship was in Olden)
Day 12 - Main Dining Room Dinner (Ship was in Stavanger)
Day 13 - Main Dining Room Dinner (Ship was at sea, on the way back to Southampton)


Windjammer Cafe - Breakfast


  1. Hello! I found your blog very interesting and informative. Wanna join this kind of cruise trip too. May I know from where did you make this booking? And how much did your trip cost? :) tks

  2. Hi,

    Thanks for reading my blog. I am glad you found it informative.

    Usually, we will book directly with the cruise line website. Cruises out of European ports like Rome are quite common. The major cruise lines are Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises, Carnival, Holland America etc. So far, we have cruised the most times with Royal Caribbean as we like their product.

    In terms of cost, it varies, depending on when you book and what type of cabin you choose. Booking in advance generally gets you a better deal. Go to the websites of the cruise companies to search on the cruises you like, and see what type of pricing they offer.

    Also, you have to factor in air-fare (which we booked separately ourselves) as well as all the shore excursions, which are not included in the package.

  3. Awesome! It was exciting cruise trip and unforgettable experience, that's for sure. And expensive too.

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