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Adventure of the Seas Day 11 - Olden - Part 2

Olden, Olden.  What a view.  This view was from our aft balcony.  You can see the sun coming out and the clouds thinning out. It was really cloudy, earlier in the morning.

My breakfast, before we went on shore.  It looks messy, I know.

And we get off the ship now.  The ship was by far the largest man-made structure around.  Of course, man-made structures can't hold a candle to natural geological wonders, like how the hills and mountains around us dwarf the ship.   Coming from a very build-up city, I hardly get a chance to see God's creation.  This is obviously a treat.

The ship was significantly longer than the pier.  Not a big issue though.

Today, we left our kids on board (Adventure Ocean).  We decided to catch a tram ride.  This tram ride would bring us to the nearby river and lake and back.  Total ride time was 1 to 1.5 hours.  Sounded good.  We would give the Briksdall glacier a miss (though my parents took a ship's tour to go there).  You could buy the tram tickets from the shore.

Here is a video compilation of the tram stops.

On the tram.

Fast river.  Swim at your own risk. (like seriously?)

The tram made a few stops, for photos. This was the first stop.  Enough time for all to get down and take some photos.

Beautiful lake.  Picnic, anybody?

The lake.

You could see waterfalls in the distance - more water when the ice melts

I did wonder what the trams were used for during off-peak seasons.  The answer must have been nothing.

From this angle, you can see that the tram isn't very wide.  Rather squeezy in there, I must say.   But it's fine.  The ride isn't very long.  If you want a less squeezy ride, take the open-top bus.  I think they do a similar route.

We came from there and we would go around the Lake.

These pictures were taken when we were crossing a bridge.  Fortunately, we were not crossing that bridge in the picture!

Some people doing renovation to their house.  Cool.  Not many people lived here.   Apparently, you get quite a lot of money from the Norway government if you choose to live in these more rural areas.

A view of inside the tram.

It looks idyllic, but I wonder how convenient it would be to live here?

Another tram stop.  All getting out to stretch the legs.

See the red bus ahead.  I believe that bus does the same route as the train.

Very fast moving water.

This bridge was sturdy enough for foot traffic.

Fiesty water.

Road sign.  There are no opportunities to rent your own car here, since there aren't any car rental companies around!

See - the tram and bus made the same stop.

There were cyclists.  Not sure if they were on our ship.

We are back at the village centre.  The tram would drop you off here, if you wanted to.  It would take 10 to 15 minutes to walk back to the ship.  However, if you wished to go all the way back to the ship on the tram, that was also alright.  Since there was time, most passengers dropped off to walk around.

Waterfall in the distance.

See the waterfall?

Olden School.  Wonder how many students they had.

Olden Roundabout?

It was 24km to Briksdalsbreen - the glacier.

A local map.

Some maps in the centre of the village.

Onward to Part 3.

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