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Adventure of the Seas, Alesund, Norway (Part 5) - Aksla Viewpoint and Heading Back to Ship

Earlier in the day, when we were leaving Alesund, I noticed signs on the road to Mt Aksla Viewpoint.  So, I
decided to drive to the viewpoint on the way back.  It took a while to get up as you had to drive through residential estates.  The last part of the road was extremely narrow, only one way.   

But we made it.  The Ho-Ho bus also comes here.

Some passengers on board.  I wonder if they were from the cruise ship.

We are at the parking lot.  There you can see the Adventure of the Seas as well as the cafe/restaurant.

Some videos:

Part 2 of Video

Part 3 of Video

Parked cars.  Our rental was the BMW on the right.

This was how the parking area looked like.

HoHo bus, Aksla View.  The timetable was printed here.

That's the super narrow road I was talking about.  Only one vehicle can pass.

Some of the views from the carpark.

Beautiful views of Alesund from the look-out.

Pity, no sunshine.  Cloudy day.  But at least it wasn't overcast.  There was good light.

The Adventure of the Seas.  Looks like a big toy boat from here.

See the stairs?  It was possible to climb up, and go down, all on foot.

Cafeteria, spelt as Kafeteria.  Toilet, spelt as Toalett.  Down the stairs to the toalett.

A closer look at the stairs.

The Aksla Viewpoint Cafe.  I decided to go in to take a look.

Some of the food available.

Here are some prices. A bit too small to be seen on this photo.
Coffee for 29 NOK.  Danish pastry, 25NOK.

More prices.  Club sandwich, 105NOK.

Postcards for sale.

Cheese Roll, 35NOK.  Ham roll, 42NOK.
Salad with chicken, bread and butter, 112NOK. (18 USD)
Fried chicken leg with Salad, 135NOK. (22 USD)

The cafe was empty when we were there.  This was evening, about 5pm.

These historical photos were hanging on the wall.  Interesting view of the past.

After Aksla, we decided to return the car before heading back to the ship.  It was about 5:30pm.  One long day of driving was enough!  There was a petrol station just next to the car rental office.  I put in 19 litres of Diesel at a cost of 247.94 NOK or about 40 USD.    You pump first and then pay inside.

We were here on a Saturday, which was fortunate, because the car rental company doesn't open on a Sunday.  In fact, the office was only opened from 0900 to 1300 hrs on a Saturday.  For the drop-off, we could just park the car, fill up a simple form, put it in an envelope with the keys and deposit into a box.  This was the parked car.  Good bye BMW!

A good drive - 520d Touring model.

There is the key drop.

That is the office opening hours.

This is how the car rental office looks like from the outside.  The petrol station is on the right.

Here is the petrol station, it was a Shell.

After dropping off the car, we started to walk back to the port.  It was an easy 10 minute walk.

This way, to the port.

Near the port now.

Name of the street - Nedre Strandgate.

This was just outside the port entrance.

This was a hotel - First Hotel Atlantica.

There was an underpass here that would bring you into the city centre.  We would explore the city a bit more after dinner.

There was the ship.

Time to get back onboard for some dinner.

Check out my next blog post.

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