Saturday, July 12, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 10 - Molde,Norway - Part 3

In part 2, we walked up to Varden peak, from the Romsdal museum.  Here are some more photos of what you can see at the panoramic peak.  Pretty neat.

I didn't even start counting the peaks.  Well, they said 222 peaks.  True?  Possible.

You can  definitely see peaks in every direction.  Some look to be pretty far away, as far as the naked eye can see.

There was a chap lying on the rocks, enjoying the sun.  Cool.

So many peaks.

After all that peak gazing, it was time to head back down.  As the saying goes, what goes up, must come down! We would back-track, go back by exactly the same way we came up.  Shouldn't be too difficult, I think.

People do drive up.  Coaches drive up too.

Yes, on the way down, you also get to see these signs.  Very helpful.  You know you're not lost.

Now, time for some videos of our downward trek.

We have arrived back the museum. We took 1 hour to get here, from the Varden peak.  Overall, the climb up and down was fun, though we took quite a bit of time.  In future, if we want the views and still get a walk, one way is to hire a taxi from the port gate to bring you to the Varden peak.  Not sure how much the taxi ride would cost but the damage shouldn't be too bad.  Then, walk down from Varden peak, to Romsdal and back to ship.

Here is the layout of the museum, which was an outdoor museum.  It wasn't that big.

That is the entrance.  Quite a subtle one.  I only knew it was the entrance because it said 'Tickets'.

At the booth to get your tickets.  A very curious machine, from the past.

Looks like an old store.

And we are in.

Toilets!  Available only if you bought entry into the museum.  One issue we had with this walk was the lack of toilets along the way.  The restaurant at Varden peak was not open, so we had no access to toilets. Thankfully, none of us needed toilets.

Romsdal Museum, continued in Part 4.

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