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Adventure of the Seas Day 11 - Olden - Part 3

Here is a short video compilation of the village centre:

More of Olden.  A closer shot of the displays at the village centre.

I zoomed in on the walking routes.   Take note the time required.  I think these walks are an option for cruise passengers.  The longest walk take about 3 hours, say 4 hours to be safe.

This part of the map shows you the various walking routes.

You can see the ship from here.  The ship dwarfs the village, but the mountains dwarf the ship.

A Coop supermarket.  It would open later in the morning.

There were souvenir stores.

Rather scenic.

That's the path back to the ship.

Very straightforward to walk to the ship and back.

See the aft of the ship peeking out on the left side?

This path was convenient, you don't have to walk on the road.

Spotted this.  Really nice.

And there were three.

Ship was ahead.

Getting nearer.

This was a petrol station just opposite the pier. STATOIL.

Looked like they sold some food.  But we were not going to have any.

Somebody lived here.  Or was this more like a summer hut?  It looked really small.

Zebra crossing.

There were several souvenir shops just opposite the ship.  We bought some stuff.

There were helicopter flights to the glacier.  I asked about this.  The helicopter doesn't land.  You just fly over the glacier and back.  The round trip was really short, like 15 minutes

We headed back to the ship for a quick lunch, before getting off again. We headed back to the village centre to explore some more.  The Co-op supermarket was not open.  And we found Olden water.

Yes, Olden.

More Olden water, though these look flavoured.

Price, all in Norwegian Kroner (NOK).

Oreo - 32.60 NOK or USD 5.24.

Pampers for infants.

Oh yes, coke.  25.90NOK or USD 4.16 for a 1.5L bottle.


How about Snickers?  17.90NOK or USD 2.88.

Some chips?  39.90 NOK or USD 6.41 for this serving.

Taken from outside the Coop supermarket.

There was another supermarket nearby, Bunnpris.

Back to this place.  See the Toilet/WC behind?  I don't recall we had to pay to use those.

This should have been inside the Bunnpris.

Look at the prices of the pasta sauce - 22.90NOK works out to be USD 3.68.

Kikkoman Soy Sauce!  Cool.  31.90NOK or USD 5.13!

Some more pictures.

And prices.

Oh, frozen pizza.  49.90NOK is USD8.

See this sign - we do not sell beer on Sundays. What languages are these, especially the last line?

The beer staring at me.  I can't buy any.  Not that I wanted to, but still.

Oh, Chang from Thailand.  Interesting to find Chang in Norway.

The Economist has the Big Mac index, I have the Coca-Cola Index.

This was in a store in the village centre.  Now, we found the stuff here reasonable.  We bought quite a bit, including sweaters for the kids.

Lots of stuff for the family.

We walk back to the ship.

The STATOIL again.  Yes, plenty of walking done today, but that was good.  Always looking for opportunities to exercise.  Too much to eat on a cruise.

This is just across the pier - Fjord Souvenir shop.  This shop was really crowded!

Adventure of the Seas.  See the tram?  That was what we took earlier in the morning.

Don't forget to ask for your Tax Free refund slip.  They need to make out a slip for you.  There is a minimum spend at each store, but I don't recall that the amount was very large.

The business in this shop was fantastic.

Didn't see people buying trolls though.

Not sure what your friends would think if you bought them some troll magnets.  Maybe they would like it!

More magnets.

That's the tax-free slip I was talking about.  We would be able to get cash refund on board the ship, when the ship was about the depart from Stavanger back to the UK.  Not today.

Oh, here is what I had for lunch on this day. (Windjammer)  Always very fulfilling, these lunches.  I usually try to avoid carbs and eat more meat and veggies.  But I couldn't resist the carbs today, after all that walking in Olden village.

Some dessert.  Good.

Olden - Sailing away pictures and videos

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