Saturday, August 2, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 12 - Sailing into Stavanger Part 1

Stavanger, Norway.  This would be our final port of call on this cruise before the ship sailed back to Southampton.  Good weather this morning.

View from our balcony as we sailed in.

There was another ship already docked.

Maybe we were going to squeeze into the space beside the blue ship.

Looked like we will be docking at this pier.

Look at the black tyres lining the pier.

Stavanger looked pretty big.  She was the biggest city we would visit on this cruise, Southampton aside.

We were going to take some fjord ferry.  Maybe it was this one, not sure.

Small boat, big ship.

In case you were wondering, all this time our ship was reversing in.

That's why this white and blue ship kept getting nearer.

And nearer.

Now you can see her name.

Hello, ship Horizon!  Whereabouts are you from? The Horizon was 46,811 GT.  She has an interesting history.  Originally built for Celebrity Cruises (1990 to 2005)!  She is 208M long and can carry more than 1,800 pax.  Of course, the Adventure of the Seas was substantially larger.

See her passengers on deck.  I waved at them and they waved back.

Oh, two small boats now.

Good morning!

8am arrival.  Pretty neat.

We were in Stavanger.  By now, we had sailed 3208 nautical miles.

This morning, the plan was to take a Fjord Cruise to visit a nearby fjord.  We pre-paid and pre-booked our tickets over the Internet.  The ship's tour offered the exact same cruise but it was considerably more expensive.  By booking ourselves, we could enjoy senior's fare (for my parents) and kid's fare (for my kids).

This was the port gate.  I asked the guard where to go to take the fjord cruises and they kindly directed me to go around to the other side, near to where the Horizon was docked.

And we start our walk.  Oh, the Croisieres De France.  I am assuming this is a French cruise line!

We had to walk around the harbour to get to the other side.  It wasn't that far.

The Adventure of the Seas.

I saw this bus along the way.  The sign says Cruising
Anybody used them before?  Any good?

Interesting sight.  A small cruise ferry is sailing away!

Proceed to Part 2.

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