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Adventure of the Seas Day 9 Alesund Part 6 - Walking around town after dinner

Part 6 - after dinner, it was time to explore Alesund town.  It was still pretty bright.  Long days in Norway. The all aboard time was 11:30pm, so we had plenty of time to roam the streets.  The great part about cruising - the kids were eager to go to Adventure Ocean after dinner!  So we dropped them off, and then headed out on shore to roam the streets of Alesund.

That is the port gate into the ship.   We were not the only ones coming out for a walk.

The Adventure of the Seas, docked.

In the morning, all these were busy.  Now, all shut, since this was after dinner time.  You could purchase local tours from here.

You could buy these when you go onshore.  Atlantic Seapark Package.  There is a shuttle bus nearby.

Here is the sight-seeing tram.  The tram goes all the way up to the Aksla Viewpoint too.

HoHo bus, you could buy tickets here and hop on the bus.  They even have free WiFi on board!

That's the way to walk, towards the city centre.

That is the Aksla viewpoint.  We were there a couple of hours ago.

Here was the stop for the shuttle bus for the Atlantic Sea Park.  We didn't visit the sea park this time round.

Welcome to Alesund.  We will be roaming around the town center this evening.

This way to the town centre.

 This way to the City Center, via an underpass.

We passed this hotel earlier - First Hotel Atlantica.

We decided to just wander around and see where the roads would take us.  I had read that Alesund wasn't a very big town.

Here is a video:

Al Fresco restaurant, with some patrons.

This was some street cafe, Fish N Chips for 120NOK.

Beefburger sold here.

Waterfront housing.

Oh, stop 6.  We are at Art Nouveau Center, City Center.

There were some people walking around, though not many.

Lloyd's Register - Aalesund Office


There were quite a number of hotels.  This was Hotel Brosundet.

XO Restaurant.  It looked open.

Yes, it was open.

A picture of the menu.  Some prices -
i) Homemade Hamburger for 185NOK.
ii) Oven baked Cod for 245NOK

This looks like another hotel.

Indeed, it is another hotel.  Clarion Collection Hotel Bryggen.

The Norwegian Seafood Company.


And more boats.  Waterfront living.

Some road signs to the various areas of attraction.

I think this was another hotel, Scandic Alesund.

The same hotel.  There were some tourists walking about, not from the cruise ship.

If I didn't listen wrongly, they spoke German.

A couple of cars parked outside the Clarion Hotel.

A very low 'cockpit.'

The car behind.

Looked like we were heading back to the ship, but not yet.  Well, this place is not big.

The ship looked to be the biggest structure in this town.

This was the rear of First Hotel Atlantica.

Some construction going on.   I think they were building another hotel.

Looked a bit cloudy.  If you keep walking along this road, you will find the steps leading up to Aksla Viewpoint.

Kiwi mini-pris.  I think it was some cafeteria?  (website -

Shops, but they were shut by now.

Some flowers.

More flowers.


Pretty neat, though we were still in early summer.  This place must look really beautiful a couple of months down the road.

We keep walking.

We have reached Kongensgate.  Pedestrainized street.  Rather pretty, but everything was shut.

There, Kongens gate.

A Troll standing guard.

This restaurant was opened.

Menu prices here.   Mixed Grill - 310NOK, or 50USD.   I just had Mixed Grill (click here) onboard the Adventure of the Seas!  Marinated Chicken Breast - 205 NOK or 33USD.

Alright, when we cruise, we have such delicious food on the ship, all already paid for.  We hardly spend anything on land.

There were some diners.

Another restaurant, this time Indian.

Empty street.

Another hotel - Thon Hotels.

And we head back to the ship after a good walk to burn off some calories!

Tomorrow, we reach Molde, Norway.  That would be Day 10 of our 13N Adventure of the Seas cruise.

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  1. Love your cruise coverage so far...makes me miss cruising again... :)

  2. Hi, love the coverage. We were on the same cruise as yourselves and it brings back lots of memories. Keep them coming. Garry