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Singapore Airlines Flight SQ 305 London to Singapore

Singapore Airlines Flight SQ 305
London Heathrow to Singapore
June 2014 - Economy Class
Boeing 777-300

This is the flight review video:
We were returning home to Singapore after a wonderful family holiday in the UK, sailing out of Southampton on board the Royal Caribbean Adventure of the Seas. See my cruise blog here.

Today, we fly home, in SQ 305, London Heathrow Terminal 3.  I think SQ would be moving to London Heathrow Terminal 2 later this year (September 2014).  The check-in counters were not busy when we arrived.

After dropping off our bags (already checked in online), we headed to secrutiy.  It was 11:16 in the morning. The flight was 1325.  Security lines were short, by Heathrow's standards.   So the whole process took only about 15 minutes.

Terminal 3 waiting area.  Heathrow is busy, busy, busy.

Ah.. Hello Kitty!  Goodbye, UK.

In case you were wondering about the price.

Fellow travellers.  Wonder where everybody is going.

After walking around a bit, we decided to grab a bite at Pret A Manger before boarding the plane.


This was a busy place.  They had 4-5 counters.

We opted to eat in, after finding a seat.  This was what we got to share, as well as a ham and cheese toasty which was being heated up for us.

There are the counters, busy.  Notice 3 coffee machines.

That was the hot Jalapeno chicken wrap.  Tasty.  Plenty of chicken.

This was the toasty, which my kids liked.

Looked like that.

Tasted pretty good too.

Thereafter, we went to get some water.

On the way to the SQ Gate, we passed the Emirates Lounge.  Looked very nice.

Snapped a picture of this Emirates A380.  Emirates Airlines operates the largest fleet of A380s in the world and they have many more on order.

Boarding time.   I believe this SQ flight departed from Gate 10, about a 10 minute walk from the shopping area.

Took a picture of this Delta plane which was parked at a nearby gate.

Waiting our turn to board.  Boeing 777-300ER aircraft.  As we board, we would walk past the Business Class cabin before reaching the Economy class cabin.

At my seat.  It was a full flight.

Push back.  That's the Delta plane and then the Emirates A380 behind.

Switched on the IFE and Bill Gates popped up.

Yeah, we were flying.  Ooops, sorry, still on the ground.

It took a while to get airborne. (See my video).  Heathrow is busy.  After we got into the air, it was time for the meal service.  I asked for a Singapore Sling when the before meal drinks were being served.

Kids meal.  They always serve the special meals first, even for adults.  So, if you want to eat early, order a special meal.

Chicken breast.

I decided to watch 'Gravity' starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney. I recall this movie won many Academy Awards but for some reason, I hadn't caught it. Now is the time.

My lunch - SQ Prawns.

Starter - also prawns!  The melon balls were good.

Cheese, biscuits and red wine.

Tutti Fruiti ice cream.

That's the Boeing 777-300ER cabin.  This was a day flight, most passengers were awake. It would be very difficult to sleep anyway.

Gravity - continued.

Here was our location.  Still a long way to go.

The next meal service.

SQ Char Siew - watch my flight review video for all the details.  My photos were incidental.

Child's meal - came with a big cookie.

We landed about 10 minutes ahead of schedule.  Changi Airport Terminal 3.

This was the plane that flew us from London to Singapore.  The flight was about 12 hours.

Changi Airport Terminal 3.  We were home, but all feeling jet-lagged.  Didn't catch much sleep on the plane.

Immigration - Arrival Hall.


Thanks for reading.

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