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Adventure of the Seas Diamond Lounge (June 2014)

On this page, I put many pictures and some videos of our Diamond Lounge experience onboard the Adventure of the Seas, Iceland and Norway Cruise in June 2014.

I think the dedicated Diamond Lounge is fantastic, and this is one important reason why we continue to be loyal to Royal.  This is only our second RCI cruise as Diamonds.  When I was not yet Diamond, I wanted to get to Diamond quickly to enjoy this perk.  Now that I'm Diamond, I want to sail to enjoy the perk.  I guess this perk works in terms of attracting me to cruise repeatedly with Royal.

Legend of the Seas - First Diamond Experience
The first experience of the Diamond lounge was on the revitalized Legend of the Seas in March 2013.  Here are some pictures from that experience (see the blog post).  There were far fewer Diamonds on board for the Legend cruise out of Singapore, and the lounge was very quiet.

Adventure of the Seas - Second Diamond Experience
This time round the Diamond lounge was much busier.  However, bar service was still quite quick and everything was quite good, other than the coffee machine requiring more frequent maintenance as it ran out of milk or it had to be serviced.

Celebrity Elite Reciprocal Benefits
We sailed on the Celebrity Silhouette in Nov 2013 and enjoyed reciprocal benefits as Elite Members. However, the Silhouette doesn't have a dedicated Diamond Lounge equivalent.  See this blog post for my thoughts and pictures.

Diamond Member Letters - Adventure of the Seas
We received these letters in our stateroom, informing us of the Diamond perks. There were no longer any coupon booklets.  All perks were loaded into the seapass card.

Two Videos I made:
Adventure of the Seas Diamond Lounge Early Morning (empty)

Adventure of the Seas Diamond Lounge Evening Cocktail Hour

This is the Concierge's Desk.

An empty lounge.

Good views from the lounge.  Often very crowded.

That is the speciality coffee machine - the heart of the lounge.

Selection of teas available.  No different from Windjammer or Cafe Promenade.

The design and layout looks very similar to the Legend of the Seas Diamond Lounge.

They cordoned off the Blue Moon for the evening cocktail.  Even then, it got rather crowded.

Evening Cocktail Hour
On the Adventure of the Seas, it was 5pm to 8:30pm every evening.

 Bud Light - I can't get this in Singapore, at least not in the supermarkets that I go to.

You could ask for a drink to be mixed for you, using these ingredients.  I guess all the basic mixed drinks are well covered.

Wines available.

I think this was a Jack and Coke.  Not my favorite.

Some of the hot food available.  Quite good!

This was a Jack and Coke, plus some food.  My pre-dinner drinks.

Another evening:

Another evening.  
Decided to try one of their red wines this evening.

With my gin and tonic.

Yet another evening. (Day 7)
I asked for a Light Beer.  The bar tender asked whether Miller Lite was ok.  I said ok.

My finger food.

Then I asked for a Gin and Tonic.

The Royal Caribbean Gin and Tonic.

Good stuff.

Yet another evening:
This time, I try Budweiser - King of Beers.

Some food to go along.  The prawns (shrimp) were slighly spicy and it went very well with the beer.

And of course, my Gin and Tonic.

What drink was that?  Diet Coke.  (For the wife)

I got a rum punch as well!

Breakfast Hours
Some pictures of the continental breakfast in the mornings.

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