Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 6 - MDR Dinner & Ship Pictures

We sailed out from Akureyri.  It was time for dinner again.  Tonight, the inspiration was Pimiento.

This chef, Alex Perberschlager, is featured on the menu tonight.

This was the cheese sourdough, I think.

Arancini - roasted portobello mushrooms.

The anti-pasti.

Some soup.


Cold soup. (Sweet too) Strawberry bisque.


Whatever is left of it.

Code was it?  On a bed of rice.

Garlic Tiger Shrimp, also on a bed of rice.

Whoa, what was this?

Bacon wrapped something?  haha.

Dessert menu.

Captain's table.  The bald guy on the right in uniform was the host.  I believe he was the staff captain.  The Captain had hair.

Sugar free strawberries option.


Dessert sampler.


Sticky bread and butter pudding.

After dinner.  Some sale going on?

Checking out the shops.

Magnets, but I didn't buy any.



Some perfumes on sale.

Enjoying the Duck & Dog.

Outside, sailing through a fog.

Almost at 20knots sailing to Norway.

Tomorrow would be a sea day.  It takes quite a while to get to Norway!

Go on to my next blog post - Day 7 Sea Day

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