Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 6 - Akureyri, Iceland - Part 4 (Akureyri Town - Botanical Gardens)

From Godafoss, it took us about an hour to get back to Akureyri.  Thereafter, the town is really small, so it is not difficult to navigate.  Even if you got lost, just go around a few times.

We made it to the Akureyri Botanical Gardens which was supposedly the northern most Botanical Gardens in the world!  Parked the car in the lot.  Ooops, not a very good way to park, but then again, I could hardly squeeze the Ford Explorer into a standard lot.

Here is a short video of the gardens, it isn't very big.  We took about 30 minutes to stroll around the gardens. Pleasant to walk.  Entrance was free.

The signboards at the entrance of the Botanical Gardens.

Public Park and Botanic Garden.  Alright, that explains why it was free - Public Park!

Walking the gardens.

I think we were a bit early in the season, so the flowers were not yet in full bloom.  But there were interesting flowers to check out.

Ooops, this pile looked dead.


I found the architecture of this hut very interesting.  It was a cafe.

With customers enjoying their food and drink inside.

Nice flowers.  Not sure what variety they were.

Another bunch.  They seem to be just starting to bloom.

Pretty yah?

Some more.

Loved the intense colour.

Oh, she certainly has a commanding presence.

1848.  I wasn't born then (quite obviously)

This picture shows you that most of the flower beds were still empty.  Perhaps the best time to come would be a month or two later.  We were here in very early June.

Just taking a walk.

You could see the ship.  Yes, I think some cruise passengers walked to the Botanical Gardens from the ship. It really isn't too far.

A signboard.  The Gardens were small.  You wouldn't get lost in them.

I like this pathway. At least the flowers were starting to bloom.

After the Botanical Gardens, we took a short drive to the main city centre to take a look.  See my next blog post here.

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