Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 6 - Akureyri, Iceland - Part 6 (Departing Akureyri Town, sailing away)

Sailing away!

Here is a video of the Captain's announcement just prior to the ship leaving the dock.  The Captain is quite a funny chap.  He was explaining to us the route that we would take to Norway.  It was a beautiful day to be out on deck, watching the sail-away.

Video of a propeller plane landing - Akureyri International Airport.  This airport has a 2,400M long runway, according to wiki.  Very few flights each day, from the airport website, mostly to Reykjavik.  Sorry for the poorly taken video.  Winds were strong and I'm not sure why my hand was moving so much that I missed the touchdown!  Arrgh.

We were going to sail from Akureyri.

An interesting sight.  Snow-capped mountains in the backroom.  A few cruise passengers enjoying a dip in the pool.

Two ladies enjoying the hot-tub.

Quite a view.  Hot-tub, ship, snow-capped mountains. Wow.

It was close to all aboard time and I saw several cruise ship tours just returning.  I think these tours went to Myatn area.  It was more than 100km away.  Given the undulating roads, the journey would take up to 2 hours each way.

But since these were ship organized tours, the Adventure of the Seas would not depart until all of them came back.  I think many cruise passengers are willing to pay for this guarantee.

And we are off.

See this video - azipod power. The ship is very agile.

More pictures as the ship was pushing out from the dock.  We were going to do an angled reverse towards port side.

We were now on our way out of the fjord.  Goodbye Akureyri.  You are a beautiful place, though I think you are going to be a really cold place in winter.

Helicopter deck.  Many passengers were out, viewing the gorgeous scenery.

It would take a few hours to sail out into the open sea.  Meanwhile, enjoy!

Here is another video of the scenery as we were sailing out:

This photo was taken from the Diamond Lounge outdoor area.

We got to see this along the way out.

Well, coming from tropical Singapore, this is quite a sight indeed.

Some more pictures, this time from our aft balcony, as we sail away from Akureyri.  Just admire God's creation.  I like cruising.  It humbles me.

Watching the ship's wake in the sea is also very calming.

I want to go back again.

Goodbye Akureyri.  I hope to see you again, someday.

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  1. I hope no passengers were left behind,or else they have to sing All By My Self.