Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 7 Sea Day

Sea day again.  Time to chill.  Cruise Compass for Day 7.

On our Way to Norway.  It rhymes!  This trip has taught me many lessons in geography.  For once, Iceland is really far away! Sometime during our sailing, north of Iceland, we crossed the Arctic Circle.   Later in the cruise, we were all given a certificate for this.  Fun.

Family happily sleeping, only one crazy guy awake.  No need to wake up early today. Sea day = chill.

We popped by the Diamond Lounge.  These sandwiches were available.

In the Royal Promenade, they were selling Hot Mulled Wine as the weather was quite cold.  It was $5 for a regular cup.  I didn't have any.  Maybe they have turned up the air-conditioning to generated sales.

Found this plaque somewhere on the ship.

And this photo.  A bit strange to see those lines.  A reminder that the ship was built in parts, and then put together.

You are on Deck 10.  5th June, 10:43AM, ship's time.  These screens are very useful, especially what to do right now.

Found this in the Windjammer.  I thought it was somebody's birthday.

Check out the video - waiter hard at work dishing out the cake.  First come, first served and while stocks last!

My lunch in the Windjammer.  Veggies plus meat.

Notice, no carbs.  I try as far as possible to stay away from rice, french fries, potatoes and other carbs as much as possible.  However, the desserts are always too tempting.

This was ONE serving of that blackforest cake.  Big enough for all of us to share.

Making good progress.

A supervisor looks on, maybe wondering if the chefs hid some treasures in the cake.

Outside.  Foggy.

Very foggy. Can't see the end of the ship.

The Adventure of the Seas!

Onward to Main Dining Room Dinner on Day 7

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