Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 6 - Akureyri, Iceland - Part 5 (Akureyri Town - City Centre)

After spending about 30 minutes in the gardens, we drove back to the city centre, parked the car, and walked the pedestrianized main street.

Here is short video:

We parked the car nearby and walked to the main street.

Hotel KEA. Not sure how much it cost to stay here.

There were quite a number of SUVs in Akureyri.


There was also the Akureyri Hostel, located in the city centre.

What was this?  The sign says Indian Curry Hut.

This was the menu. E.g. Tandoori Chicken - 1,895 Icelandic Kroner, or 17 USD.

A very interesting small structure. If you look closely, it was not joined to the building next door.

Lunch specials - take away at 1,550ISK or 14 USD.

This sign seems to imply that you could park on the main street for 15 minutes.

Some artwork on the side of a building. I assume the eye on top means something .

That's the end of the main street.

This was taken from outside the window into a fast food outlet.  No McDonalds in Iceland.  This must be some local fast food joint.

Lunch menu.  A 6 inch sandwich and pepsi for 890ISK, or USD8.

This was the menu for the hotel restaurant.  Not cheap at all.

Main Course of Duck - 4,600ISK (abt 40USD)
Creme Brulee - 1,700 ISK (abt 15USD)

You could see the ship in the distance.  An easy walk from the ship to the main street.

Alright, it was time to fill her up and return the car.  The Ford Explorer required 95 octane petrol.

I got the car with a full tank, so I had to return with a full tank.  I pumped in almost 17 litres at the cost of 4,161 ISK or USD 36.50.  A gallon has 4.54 litres.  So 17 litres is 3.74 gallons.  It worked out to almost 10 USD per gallon.

Car keys.  Well, there wasn't really key.  So more like car lock.  The Ford Explorer had a touch button start system.

Goodbye, Ford Explorer.  You are certainly big and sturdy.  For her size, she was fairly easy to drive and handled pretty decently on the road.  Of course, the Volvo XC90 was sleeker and drove better, but then again you can't be comparing a Volvo against a Ford.

After dropping off the car, the rental company gave us a ride back to the ship. Now we were back at the ship.

There was a free HOTSPOT area provided by the Port of Akureyri.  I didn't use it though I saw quite a crowd of passengers and crew using the hotspot area.

This was the convenient pathway from the port area into town.  A direct and scenic walk.

Here is a video

The ship departed on time and we would have one sea day before reaching Norway.

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