Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 6 - Akureyri, Iceland - Part 3 (Godafoss continued)

We spend some time at the Godafoss Waterfalls (see part 2).  When we were done, we got back to the car and drove to the visitor's centre.  By foot, it was about 800M away.

Here is car parked outside the visitor's centre.

Apparently there was some lodge or basic hotel nearby, where people can stay.

Iceland. At least I see some short shrubs, or are those trees?

See this video for the outside of the Visitor's centre.  Cruise ship passengers walking from the Godafoss waterfalls to the centre.  We drove over from the carpark which was just beside the waterfalls.

There was ample parking, even though the centre was rather busy.

A few Icelandic ladies manning the small cafe.  Prices are on the wall.

Some food and drink for sale.

They also had some souvenirs.

I didn't see anybody shopping though.  We were all here for toilet breaks.  A few cruise passengers got something to eat.

Maps of the region and other information available, though I didn't see anybody manning this small booth.

Prices, all in Icelandic Kroners.  Cappucino, 480ISK (Icelandic Krona) which is about USD$4.20 (at time of writing).

More pictures of the bridge that you need to cross in order to walk to the Godafoss Waterfalls from the visitor centre.  If you have a car, you can drive to the parking lot right beside the waterfalls, no need to walk this bridge.

But the bridge does look fun!

Photo of the cafe from the outside.

After a toilet break, we head back to Akureyri town.  It was a beautiful drive back too.

Going up some hill (or mountain?).

Some parts of the road was winding, but for the most part it was just undulating. 

A very short video clip of the Adventure of the Seas in Akureyri harbour, from a viewpoint on the opposite hill.

Onward to Akureyri, Botanical Gardens.

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