Friday, June 27, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 8 Morning (at Sea)

Day 8 morning, we were still at sea.  Iceland was really far away.  We were scheduled to arrive in Trondheim only at 1pm.  This would be the shortest port of call, with all guests to be back onboard by 5:30pm.  The ship would sail again at 6pm.

The Crow's Nest.  This is the bar just outside the Diamond Club, Deck 14.  During evening cocktail hours, this area is cordoned off for the cocktail event.

Picture of the Crow's Nest.

Too early, nobody is swimming yet.

6:45AM and I am up and about, walking around the ship.

Oh, this was a fairly common issue with the coffee machine in the Diamond Club Lounge.  It needs some maintenance.  In this case - Refill Milk.

Duck & Dog.

Looks like nobody was awake!

Duck & Dog.  What has a Dog got to do with a Duck? Other than both starting with D.

Alright, both are animals, but one quacks while the other barks.  I wonder what the other pubs are called; Pig and Whistle on the Voyager of the Seas.

6th June, 2014, 7am.  We were still 64 deg North.  Very north.  Singapore is just 1 deg North of the equator.

The Cafe Promenade.

See the word "Adventure" on the banner?  Top left of this photo.

A video of the Cafe Promenade.  See what is available at around 7am in the morning.

You could see your Cruise Compass on the Stateroom TV as well as the interactive touchscreens located all around tehs hip.

Oh, this was one thing I noticed in the Windjammer Cafe that I wasn't entirely happy with.  See this set of plastic tongs?  See edges?  They are deformed.  Maybe melted, due to excessive heat.

Another set of tongs.  Anyway, I brought this matter to the attention of one of the Windjammer supervisors a few days back.  He said he would get it changed.  However, I noticed they were still used on subsequent days.  I wasn't exactly sure whether this was acceptable practice, since nobody else seemed to mind?

Anyway, here are the pictures as documentary evidence, for your comments.

Alright, looks like we were very near land now.

Views from our Aft balcony.  One of the reasons why we sail Aft is because we get a wider view from the balcony.

This was the Destinations Lecturer on board, different from the Shore Excursions Lecturer (the chap who was promoting the various ship tours).  This chap, a certain Dr. Friedman or something, British-guy, wasn't promoting any ship tours.  Rather, he took pains to talk about the history of the various ports we were visiting.  Also he talked quite a bit about the history of the Viking era, which ended around 1200AD.

I enjoyed his talks tremendously.  We must have attended 3 to 4 of them.  Learnt a lot about a part of the world that hitherto I knew almost nothing about.

Move on to my next blog post - sailing into Trondheim!

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