Friday, June 27, 2014

Adventure of the Seas, Day 8 - Trondheim, Norway Part 2 (Food prices!)

Part 2 - We keep walking and exploring the city centre of Trondheim.  Quite a number of shops were opened.

Zara - clothes.

Oh, Boots.  UK brand.

I saw this food store selling Japanese sashimi.  Went closer to take a look.

Those are the prices.  4 Nigiri, 6 Maki for 99 Kroners or 16USD.  Expensive for a takeaway!

Yes, a takeaway called MONG Sushi.

This was a cafe.  Customers chilling in the good weather.

Mercur - shopping centre.  We didn't go in.  From the signs, it looks like they provided some WIFI.

This was inside a Starbucks.  I wanted to check the prices.

It is a bit small, but here goes.

Cafe Latte - 
Tall (42 Kroners or USD 6.85),
Grande (47 Kroners or USD 7.66),
Venti (52 Kroners or USD 8.49)

Tall (39 Kroners or USD 6.36),
Grande (44 Kroners or USD 7.18),
Venti (49 Kroners or USD 7.99)

Sandwiches and cakes for sale.  My picture was a bit blurred but I can see that the sandwich in the middle row, on the right, was priced at 77 Kroners or USD 12.56.

That's the exterior of the Starbucks Coffee.

What about some ice-cream from Movenpick?  The cheapest soft ice cream on a cone cost 28 Kroners, or USD 4.56.

This was Torvet (Market Square), Trondheim.

Here is a video:

This is a machine to pay parking charges.

This car caught my interest.  When we were doing research for self-drive in Norway, I noticed a car called the Nissan Leaf.  I hadn't heard of this model by Nissan before.   This is a Nissan Leaf, fully electric.

Another Nissan Leaf.  It looks rather spacious.

There are signs along the way, rather useful.

We have finally reached Nidaros Cathedral.  Recall, this was 1400M from the footbridge much earlier.

Flowers were just starting to bloom.

Looked rather grand, from the outside.

Photo, taken from slightly further away.

Pretty flowers blooming.

It turned out that we did not enter the Cathedral.  There was a cost involved (I think 70 kroners) and we decided against it because my kids and parents weren't fans of Cathedrals, and we had seen quite a few.

So we headed back towards the centre to try to find Stiftsgarden, which was some summer residence of some king.  We found it.  However, note the times for the Guided Tours.  We discovered that you must join a guided tour.  You can't just enter the Stiftsgarden on your own.  We arrived at about 2:20pm and the next tour would be at 3pm.

Admission were 80 NOK, or USD 13.

Well, in this case, we decided that it wasn't worth our time to wait for the tour.  Instead, we chose to go to a more interesting museum, which is the topic of my next post.

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