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Adventure of the Seas Day 8 - Trondheim, Norway Part 1 (Sailing in & Walking to City Centre)

Trondheim, Norway Part 1

Trondheim, Norway, was named in 997 by King Olav and was the capital of Norway till 1217.  People have lived here for thousands of years.  Quite remarkable.  Currently, the city has a population of about 180,000, which makes it bigger than Reykjavik, Iceland.

The pilot craft coming out to meet us, as we sail into Trondheim.

The ship is dock.  They were tying her up.  The City Centre was within an easy walk.  Our plan today was to walk to the City Centre.  This call would be the shortest in our itinerary.  Ship docked at 1pm.  All aboard time, 5:30pm.

View from the aft balcony.

Looks like we have to head in that direction!

Getting off the ship was quite quick.  Turned out that most passengers were like us, taking a walk into the City Centre.  The following videos give you a good sense of what to expect during this walk.

Part 1 - This was when we just got off the ship, and following the crowds.

Part 2 - The walk, continued.

There were some coaches - ship's tours.

Tours number 1 and 2.  Board the bus please.

We are walking to that foot bridge.

This is the start of the foot bridge, what will bring us across some railway tracks.  From here, the Nidaros Cathedral was 1400M away, or 0.86 miles.  I think there were elevators to help you cross the bridge, if you can't do the stairs.

Photo of the ship, from the start of the foot bridge.

These were taken while on the foot-bridge.  Nice and wide.

This must be a train station, below the bridge.

Coming down the stairs.

This wasn't the city centre yet.

Many small boats, parked along the river Nidelven.

See this video: (Part 3) - this is just after the foot bridge and we are walking over this bride that brings us across the Nidelven river into town.

Idyllic place.

And,we keep walking.  We are on the street called Fjordgata.   I was using a map (which was given out freely once we got off the ship) as well as my iPhone GPS to find the directions.  I use an app called CityMaps2Go.  You have to pay a nominal fee for it but it works quite well, though you need to download the maps in advance.  That said, I had to search quite hard for Norway's maps.

Walking 2 blocks along Fjordgata, we come to the junction with Nodregate. We would walk along this street into town.  Here are some pictures of the walk.

A hotel.

Moods of Norway. After a while, Nodregate became a pedestrainized street.

Norway is infamous for being very expensive.  So, I was on the lookout for prices in Norway.  Looks like this big sandwich would cost 49 kroners, or USD $8.

Oh, we found a TGI Fridays.  Didn't have time to check out the menus though.

The architecture of the building on the left was rather unusual.


A closer look - Norli.

Move on to Part 2 and see some of the infamously high prices.

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