Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 2 and 3 Sea Day - Cruising (June 2014)

Adventure of the Seas, Iceland and Norway Cruise.

Days 2 and 3 were Sea Days.  Iceland was really very far away from Southampton, UK.  We started sailing at 4:30pm on Day 1 and would only arrived in Reykjavik at 2pm on Day 4!

This post will contain pictures from the ship.  On Day 2, we also watched the Ice Show, which will be the subject of another post here.

Anyway, it was time to chill and relax during the sea days.  We were still getting over the jet lag and I was waking up really early every day.

Check out this video for what is available at breakfast in the Windjammer (the same every day)

Windjammer, egg station.

The weather was rather foggy and even rainy.  Fortunately the seas were calm.

As a result, not many people outside.

Walk through Royal Promenade

Neat.  You can see the Chinese word.  That marks the entrance to the Imperial Lounge. I believe they do the Bingo in there.  I recall on the Voyager it was called the Cleopatra's Needle.

The Lyric Theatre.  The funny thing about this cruise - we didn't watch any shows!  Yeah.  I guess we were not too keen to watch shows.  Spent time doing other things, including taking long walks around the ship on Decks 12 and 4, especially after all the heavy dinners.

Life rafts, inflatable type.

At the start of the cruise, I found all these carpets at the aft, Deck 4.  Brintons, Fine Carpet.

Took up quite a lot of space, but didn't block the path.

The sticker says that the carpets are meant for the Imperial Lounge.

Where were we?  Well, in the middle of the open sea.  56 deg north. Travelling at almost full speed for this ship. (I think her stated full speed is 22 knots)

This gives you a better perspective of where we were at this point in time.

These were tickets for the ice-show.  We could get tickets direct from the Diamond Concierge in the Diamond Club, hence no need to stand in line for the tickets in the Royal Promenade.

Rainy and foggy.  Not very fun to be out on deck.

The aft section of Deck 12, kids' pool.

I don't think it was open. There were very few kids on board this cruise anyway.

Pool Rules.

This was on Deck 14 - the Games room (can't remember what it was called).  The grand piano here was unlocked.  You could play it.  This place got rather crowded during the cruise, with many people playing card games, Mahjong etc.

Some signs along the Royal Promenade.

Very quiet.  Notice the clock, it was before 7am.

An empty Royal Promenade.

Cofee prices - Starbucks coffee.  The joint is at Cafe Promenade.

These stairs lead down to the Casino Royale.

The red dot marks where you were on the ship.

Where is this?  Some disco?

Yups, they call this place the Jester, or was it Jesters?

Set in a medieval theme.

There were some people dancing.  They also held the dance classes here, but I think the venue was way too small.  Should have used Studio B.

I wonder if I could take down those swords and shields.  Better not try, I guess.

Steps look quite scary.

Kinda steep, so be careful if you are walking there, especially if you're intoxicated.

Stained glass, how nice.

This woman looks rather scary.  Ok her dog is scary. But I did wonder, why does she have to reveal so much of her boobs?

This dog is even scarier.

There were some not too long periods of sun, during the journey from Southampton to Iceland.  Here are some pictures of the Deck 12 during the more sunny period.

Using the towel like a blanket.  Interesting eh.

Not many people in the pool.

Topless sunbathing allowed on this deck.

The Solarium

And we head to Iceland!


  1. Wow..look pretty hot weather there!!

    1. As long as the winds weren't blowing, the weather was nice.