Sunday, March 30, 2014

Tan's Tutu Kueh Block 449 Clementi Avenue 3

Tan's Tutu Kueh- Block 449 Clementi Avenue 3

This is the somewhat famous Tan's Tu Tu Kueh (Coconut Cake).  Reviews on this store have been good. We have been here a few times, just to get 5 coconut tutus for $3.

Usually, only 1 auntie is making the tutu.  It is a lot of hard, manual work.  Each tutu has to be made individually, steamed and then put in a plastic bag or box for the customer.  The auntie has put up a fan but she was still visibly sweating.  Hard work in hot weather.

Here was the auntie telling a prospective customer that it was 5 for $3, and she didn't sell tutu by the piece. You can see some of the makansutra certificates pinned up on the left hand side.   We bought our 5 coconut tutu as usual.  The wait was 15 minutes as there was a queue.

Back home, here are some close up shots of the tutu kueh.  The first piece didn't look very pretty.  You could see that the flour wasn't even distributed and the coconut could be seen.

A closer look.  In terms of looks, 5/10.  What about the taste?

Awesomely delicious!  9/10.  I love the coconut which comes with a good dose of gula melaka.  The tutu tastes best when it is warm and goes very well with coffee.  Perfect for a snack.

Looks aside, the taste is excellent.  Will we continue to patronize this store?  Most definitely.

Safe travels!

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  1. I ran across your page when doing research for my trip to Singapore last month. I enjoy your blog and wish I had discovered it sooner. Keep up the good work! :)