Monday, March 24, 2014

Tutu - Traditional Dessert

Tutu Coconut Cake is a traditional dessert that we enjoy.  There is also the version filled with peanuts. It is not so easy to find nowadays.  We came across this store selling Tutu at the Westgate Mall Food Court.

You can have 5 for $3, Coconut or Peanut version.  We like the coconut version, so we always take that.

Making the Tutu is a very labour intensive process.  The small green leaves you see are pandan leaves.  They are very fragrant.  The chap has to first put the flour, put the filling and then put the flour again, before steaming it.

A picture of the store, and the chap hard at work to make our Tutus.

Kiosk 1 - Chinatown Tan's Tutu Coconut Cake.

A mock cart, quite interesting.

There is the completed Tutu, cooling down before he packs it for us.

The chap hard at work still.

We brought the Tutu home to eat.  A close up shot.

It does look rather pretty.

There, I took a bite, there is the coconut with gula melaka inside the Tutu.

A closer shot.

The Tutu was not bad, though I think the Tutu store at a Clementi Coffee shop near the Clementi NTUC is still better.

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