Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crepes and Co

Crepes and Co is the place we go for crepes and ice-cream.  They have a beautiful restaurant at Langsuan.
However, since we only go for the dessert crepes, the smaller outlet called Crepes and Co corner at Central World is more convenient.

Here are the dessert crepes that my kids absolutely love. They will eat it all up and the adults have nothing to try.  Oh, well, for the kids.

This is the Crepes & Co Corner in Central World, located on the 7th floor. There is seating space behind.

Here is the menu at the Central World outlet.

More pictures of the Crepes and ice-cream.  It did taste very good.

Here are two receipts, side-by-side.  The left was from Crepes & Co Corner, the right was from the Crepes & Co. Langsuan.  Both times, we ordered the same thing, just 2 crepes with ice-cream, for the kids.  Notice the big price difference.  Well, it is a fact that the prices at the Crepes and Co Langsuan are significantly higher.

Here are some pictures of the Langsuan Crepes and Co.  The decor is charming and they have a full menu here, not just crepes, but also all types of food.  We didn't dine here though.

Another view.

This is from the outside of the restaurant.

Safe travels!

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