Saturday, March 29, 2014

Da Luca Italian Restaurant

This restaurant is located at Goldhill Plaza.  it touts itself as an authentic Italian restaurant. We had lunch here recently.  The chef is a relatively young chap by the name of Luca Pucciani, hence the name Da Luca Italian Restaurant.  You can check out his profile on the restaurant's website here.

The entrance to the restaurant. Rather unassuming..  

The table set-up.  Simple.

They had wines, plenty of them.  As this was lunchtime, we didn't have any.

They set up a nice long table for a large group.

This bottle contained Olive oil and vinegar, for the bread.

More tables.

It was rather empty as we were early.  However, the restaurant became very full during lunchtime.  Full house!

The bread arrived warm.  They were very good.  The breads were probably baked in-house.

Olive oil and vinegar dip for the bread.

I had the beef carpacio. A rather large serving.  Quite tasty.

Half consumed.  Stopped to take a picture.  The vegetables were very crunchy.  Overall, a good dish.

More bread?  Yes indeed.

There was my pasta, with some crab meat.

It was slightly spicy.  A rather big portion and very tasty.

Dessert time - Tiramisu in a cup.  Again, very good quality Tiramisu. Serving wasn't that big, but good enough for one.  We shouldn't be eating too much anyway.

There is the Tiramisu.

This was the Executive set lunch menu, priced at $28.50++ for 3 courses.   Note that their sets do not come with coffee or tea or any drink.

Overall, a good Italian meal.

Safe travels!

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