Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Yum Saap - Bangkok, Thailand

Yum Saap
Yum Saap is another chain restaurant that specializes in Thai food. The adults like to dine at this restaurant, but not the kids. So we will bring the kids to dine at Fuji first, before going to Yum Saap for our meal. Well, since we are on holiday, we take everything slow and easy. There is a Yum Saap in Central World, located on the 7th floor where most of the eateries are.

They have a Facebook page.

The menu.

We will usually order a dish each and one to share. I do like the Pad Thai, 85 baht. It isn't too spicy.

Fork and spoon.

The bill for one of the meals - 304 Thai Baht.

Decor was interesting.

Tom yum seafood soup with glass noodles.  It wasn't very spicy, however, very strong tasting. 

Pad Thai, my favorite.  Again, it wasn't very spicy, but the taste of Thai style cooking was certainly very strong, and to our liking.

Coconut smoothie. We do like their smoothies.

Fried fish plus Thai salad, 99 baht.

More pictures of the Yum Saap in Central World. The restaurant had a healthy crowd, but it certainly wasn't as busy as Fuji.

Comfortable and spacious seats.

Again, the same Tom Yum with glass noodles.

And my favourite Pad Thai!

By now, Yum Saap is one of our favourite Thai restaurants.  Yes, you probably can get similar Thai food at cheaper prices at the Food Court, however, we like the comfort of dining here.  Will we come back?  Most definitely!

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