Monday, March 17, 2014

Bangkok International Airport, S&P Airport Cafe

Bangkok International Airport, S&P Airport Cafe

Straight after we got off the Scoot flight from Singapore (which was delayed by almost 2 hours), we headed to the 2nd level public area where there was a row of restaurants. It was time to get some real food!

It was past 9pm and there was a line for the restaurant. Fortunately, we only had to wait for about 10 minutes.

A crowded eatery.  Most of the patrons were locals.  We figured that this place can't be bad.  It was definitely more crowded than the other eateries along this row.

This was how the menu looked like.

We got the spaghetti bolognaise for the kids.  I had the spicy seafood spaghetti.  Be warned, it is quite spicy and I can take spicy stuff.

Here is the spaghetti bolognaise (chicken) - 165 Thai Baht.

They had other dishes.  My wife took the salmon teriyaki on rice.  I think the spaghetti was better.

They also had Pad Thai.  But I didn't opt for it tonight.


We got a tall and skinny Coke Zero to share.

As well as a cafe latte, which I think was a lot of foam.

Kids loved this.  They ate it all up.  Well, we were all hungry from the delayed flight (nothing to eat on the plane).

My fiesty spaghetti.

A decent dinner, given that it was at the airport.  We found the food in the transit area (Concourse F) to be far more expensive.  In future, we may decide to eat here (public area) before checking in.

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