Monday, March 17, 2014

GMC Tailors, Bangkok, Thailand

This is the tailor that I use in Bangkok. They are located in Amarin Plaza, right next to the entrance when you enter Amarin from the sky walk. Take note, however, that they may be moving to another location in a few months.

They are not the cheapest, but came recommended by friends. So, last year, I tried their tailoring for the first time. The outcome was very good. Since then, I have gone back two more times.

The chap smiling is called Sak. He and his co-worker speak decent English. No worries about communication.
So why do I tailor? The fit is much better compared to the shirts and pants I buy off-the-shelf. Prior to tailoring, I would usually buy office shirts from Marks & Spencer. The quality was good, but it just didn't fit very well.

Today, I only wear tailored shirts and pants for work. I have also made two suits with this shop, and the outcome was also very good.

The Process
The first time is the most laborious. He has to take your detailed measurements. By the next working day, a shirt and pants would be ready for fitting. Once you are happy with the fit, they can tailor for you on short notice, once you have selected the material.

For example, on our latest trip, we visited the shop at 10am on a Friday morning. I ordered 4 shirts, 3 pants and a suit. All were delivered to my hotel on Sunday morning, so I didn't have to go back to the shop again. 

Very convenient and reliable.

Walking Advertisement
I ended up becoming a walking advertisement for the shop - this was at Bangkok Airport.

Safe travels!

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  1. Mr. Guitar 123,How is it possible?You got 4 Shirts,3 Pants and one suit in one working day.I am thinking that these clothes were ready-made.You may try another Good Bangkok Tailor's Service named Marty's New Fashion and get wonderful experience.

    1. Woah, that was not a nice comment, Mr Rahul. It is perfectly possible. The shirts, pants and suits were tailored to my size, perfectly. This is the third time that I have used GMC and I can vouch for the fit and quality.

  2. Yes Mr Guitar 123 i am totally agree with you because if you are giving perfect size and complete all the things which is required for making shirts and pants, then it is possible to make in one day.

  3. Yes Mr. Rahul there can be possibility to make 4 Shirts,3 Pants and one suit in one working day. As they are professionals working on it from many years.

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