Saturday, March 29, 2014

Central World, Bangkok Thailand

We prefer to stay in a hotel that is a short walk away from Central World, Bangkok, Thailand.  For this trip, we enjoyed the Courtyard by Marriott.  For future trips, we may try other nearby hotels, e.g. Intercontinental.

Here are some random pictures near and around Central World, Bangkok, Thailand.

The skywalk is easy to use, and safe.  We have kids, best to keep away from the sometimes heavy traffic.

The very famous junction.  Just a short while ago, Bangkok protestors had closed off this junction.  The grenade attack that killed two children also occurred somewhere near here.  Peace be with their souls.

Looking down from the skywalk.

Traffic.  Erawan Bangkok - a rather posh shopping centre.   The famous restaurant Thai High-tea restaurant is located inside Erawan.

This is what you see when you enter Central World from the skywalk.

Didn't buy any of these, from the shopping center on the 7th floor.  Vacuum Freeze-Dried Jackfruits, Mangosteen and Rambutans!

Din Tai Fung is a famous restaurant.  There was an outlet in Central World.  We didn't dine there though.

There is the Din Tai Fung.  Famous for Xiao Long Pao. (Dumplings).  We walked past this restaurant often because MK and Fuji was just around the corner.

Many restaurants and eateries located on this level of Central World.

This was on another day.  Welcome to Ratchaprasong District!

This time, we decided to take a closer look.  You can see tourists.

At the street level now.  The green car is a taxi.  Most Bangkok taxis are locally assembled Japanese makes, e.g. Toyota Corolla.

A large number of worshippers.

Thao Maha Brahma.

Another picture of the shrine.

Many stores selling flower garlands and other offerings for the shrine, for worshippers to purchase.

On this day, we were headed to the Big C, which was opposite Central World.

As there was no skywalk there, we had to go by the road.   Notice the street hawker pushing her cart of coconuts.  Street hawkers are prevalent in Bangkok.   We dare not patronize street hawkers though.

Here we are at the Big C.  Our reason for coming here was to do some shopping, for everyday clothes and stuff. Just a short walk from the junction. (Check Google Maps)

I got some underwear.

And some t-shirts for everyday wear.  At the counter, I found out that it was 99THB per piece.

The Big C also sold sold donuts - only 5 THB per piece.

When in Bangkok, my kids consume many donuts. Our favourite donut store would be Mister Donut.

Here is the Mister Donut in the Big C building.

This is back at the Central World.  We decided to try this store out for the Mango Sticky Rice.  Many mangos on display.  Looked rather alluring.

This store was called Mrs Amra Dessert Store.

Wife and I shared one of this.  Mango sticky rice.

I saw this machine, selling fresh orange juice.

Some night shots of the very famous junction.  All peace and calm now.

Still a good number of worshippers at the shrine.

Cars turning.

The road looked rather empty from this angle.  Central World is on the left.

Usually, the street is very busy.

Inside Central World. There is a lot to explore.  Many different parts.  Also rather easy to get lost.

Jim Thompson sells very high-end Thai goods.  Very expensive.  We didn't buy anything from here.

We even found an ice-rink which was rather big!  Many kids were enjoying.

Quite a number of kids were very good!

A very large ice-rink indeed.  It was located at a corner that we don't usually walk through.

That's all the pictures!

Another interesting area is Isetan.  Isetan is one of the anchor tenants of Central World.  On the 6th floor, they have 5-6 very interesting Japanese restaurants.  At the basement, they also have a Japanese food hall that we found very interesting.

Safe travels!

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  1. You dare not patronize one of the street vendors....? why even travel to thailand if all you will do is shop at the mall that looks like any other mall in London or NY or LA ?