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Tong Le Private Dining OUE Tower Review (October 2012)

Tong Le Private Dining OUE Tower - October 2012

Tong Le private dining at OUE Tower is a fine dining establishment, offering (pricey) set menus.  I dined here in October 2012.  This was the menu we had, it was the $180++ option.  Their menu changes from time to time.  If you check their website, you can see that their set menu dinners go up to $500++.  Clearly, this place is targetted at the premium market.

This was the table set-up.  We brought our own wine and there was a charge for corkage, though I cannot remember how much that charge was.

The ine glasses.

This was a complimentary starter, some chicken I believe.

Australian lobster prepared in two ways.  The cooking and presentation were unique.

Australian lobster prepared in two ways.  Quite nice.

This was the braised supreme shark's fin.

This was the steams fish.

A closer look at the fish.

A sorbet to clear the palate, on a bed of ice.  The presentation was attractive.

This was the Waygu ribs, with a trio of sauce.  The beef was very tender and succulent.

The serving wasn't very big, as you can see.

South African abalone with mushroom rice.  This was the final dish before dessert.

Another look at the abalone, a good serving.

The dessert to wrap everything up.  The presentation was great, on some dry ice.

The dessert was very tasty too.  I loved the young coconut.

Overall, it was a very pleasant meal.  However, such delights do not come cheap.  I suppose, if you were to pay $180++, you would expect outstanding food.

Overall, I don't think the food was spectacular, therefore the meal was not of great value.  I must caveat that my tastes are fairly simple. However, if you need to impress guests and/or you want to give a (pricey) treat, Tong Le Private Dining at OUE Tower is a respectable choice.

I dined here as a normal customer and paid for my share of the meal.
This meal was not sponsored by Tong Le Private Dining or any other party.

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