Monday, March 17, 2014

Fuji Restaurant Bangkok Central World - Kids love the Teriyaki Chicken

Fuji Restaurant - Central World, Bangkok

Fuji Restaurant in Thailand is a very successful Japanese restaurant chain, selling affordable Japanese food. We have eaten at this restaurant many times during our trips to Bangkok.  It is often crowded, and most of the patrons being locals.  It does look like the Thais have a liking for Japanese food.

In this blog post, I show you what our kids love to eat - Teriyaki Chicken with rice!

From the skywalk, this is the entrance to the Central World, which is near XXX BTS station.  This time round, we stayed at Courtyard by Marriot.  So, we could walk to Central World, which was very convenient.

Fuji was located at a corner, on the top floor (7th) where most of the eateries were.  On the way there, we passed Din Tai Fung, a very famous chain for dumplings.   This place was crowded during weekends.  We didn't get to eat here though because the kids weren't too keen.

Another angle of the area just outside Din Tai Fung.

Fuji Restaurant
Here we are inside Fuji restaurant.  If I were eating, this would be the set I take.  With Chawanmushi, this set costs 320Baht.  There is quite a lot to eat, so I would share with my wife.

The above picture shows the two portions of Teriyaki Chicken set that we usually ordered, one each for the kids.  This set costs 130 Baht.  A hearty serving of grilled Teriyaki chicken, healthy stuff! (Just don't eat the skin)

The set also comes with a small portion of coffee or tea.

The rice, and some condiments to go along with the chicken, including kimchi.  All very tasty.

My kid had stuck his chopsticks into his rice.

A small serving of fruits comes along with the set at the end.  You would have to ask for your fruit and tea/coffee after your meal, as they are not served together.

My kids are always very happy and energized after having their Fuji.  After so many trips to Bangkok, we figured that it would be most fruitful to feed them first, before the adults get our own food at other restaurants.  No point forcing the kids to eat at restaurants that they do not like.  Nothing worse than a sulky kid.

Here are some of the dishes that Fuji restaurant serves.  All very nice to look at.  All made of plastic.

Here if the Fuji restaurant from the outside. It does get rather crowded during peak hours.

Our kids will demand to eat at Fuji at least once a day, and we will usually oblige.  They will each have their Teriyaki Chicken set, costing 130Baht each.  They eat, we watch.  Great time for family bonding!

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  1. Nice photos but erm... chopsticks sticking up in your bowl rice, isn't that a big no no in Asian culture? :)