Friday, March 21, 2014

Asiatique The Riverfront, Bangkok, Thailand

Asiatique - The Riverfront

We decided to pay a visit to this new and trendy landmark but the river.  This pier was built because of the need to do more trade with European powers.  The original company was called East Asiatic Company, a business dedicated to the export of teak wood, and the company was owned by a Dutch national.

Today, it has been turned into a night market plus restaurants.

To get there, we took the BTS to Saphan Taksin.  Then, follow the signs to the riverfront, where there many piers for many boats and ferries, including the ferries serving the luxury riverfront hotel properties.   Get in line for the complimentary ferry that brings you to Asiatique. This link shows you how to get to

Here was the line for Asiatique.

The shuttle boat operated every 15 minutes.

I noticed these other boats pulling in.  Later, I realised that these were complimentary shuttles provided by some of the luxury hotels along the riverfront.

Getting in line for the Asiatique shuttle boat.  There was already a long line.  Time was about 4:30pm.  The shuttle service started at 4pm.

Passengers boarding the shuttle boat.  This would be my first time on the famous Chao Praya river!

Boarding was a smooth and orderly process.  The bridge you see there is the Taksin bridge.

On the board.  It was standing room only.

And we set off.

Some kind of military boat or barge perhaps.  I could find any weapons though.

Passengers enjoying the ride, though it was rather sunny.

Those 3 blocks - a luxury hotel property along the river.

We approach Asiatique.  Yes, it had a Ferris Wheel.

Looking back at where we came from.

Getting closer to the pier.

We got off.  This was a Directory of the place.  It looked big, but it wasn't that big.

There were many shops, however, we didn't shop very much.

At least it wasn't too hot in the shade.

We walked to the main entrance, facing the road.

There was a large theatre.  Muay Thai Live!  We didn't stay to watch it though.

This was the Ferris Wheel.  We didn't go up.

We didn't see anybody going up.  Perhaps it was too early.


My kids liked this very much.

We had dinner at the MK Restaurant (located near the main entrance) before doing some shopping at Naraya.  Thereafter, we headed back to Courtyard by Marriott by public taxi.

Be careful though.  The taxi service there charges an exorbitant price.  They quoted us 500 baht for the fare back to our hotel.  We said no way, and 200 baht was our counter offer.  They didn't want to budge until we decided to walk away.  Later on, we figured that you could probably walk out to the main road (which was very near) to flag down a public taxi.

Happy travels!

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