Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bakery Box (Local Bakery) Jurong East

Bakery Box is a local bakery in Jurong East Town Centre, in between the two large coffeeshops.  #01-275. If you park at the multi-storey HDB carpark, this is the first shop you will see when you come down the stairs.

Compared to prices downtown and other upmarket bakeries at shopping centres, we find the prices here still reasonable and the confectionary to be of good value.

If you like muffins, they have rather big ones for $1.20.  How do they taste?  I'm not sure because I haven't tried them.  The also have Apple Pies, by slice ($1.20) or the entire pie for $5.50.

Here are some more muffins and cakes, including egg tarts.  Notice that $1.20 is the most common price they have.

Large chunks of Coffee Cake and Pandan Cake at $1.50 per piece.  The slices are rather big, can easily be shared by two, for a snack.  The Marble, Butter, Banana cake slices going for $1.20 per slice.

There is also a good selection of buns.  Japanese red bean at $1.20.  In fact, $1.20 is the standard price for their buns.  Not too long ago (i.e. last year), it was only $1.00.  I guess inflation has kicked in.

All the buns are good value.  The portions are fairly big (well, bigger than Bread Talk!).  My kids love the cheese sausage bun, also $1.20.

This is a close up shot of the cheese-sausage bread that my kids like.  Looks a bit like a cheese tortoise maybe?  Nevertheless, good value snack.

We also buy cakes, like this Swiss Roll.  This piece for $2.20.

We can keep it in the fridge and consume over the next 2-3 days.   Much cheaper than buying individual slices from downtown bakeries.

The bakery doesn't have good looks.  The cakes and stuff also don't look great in terms of design.  But in terms of taste and value, they serve as just fine.    Whenever we are in the vicinity, we will come here to buy some stuff.  With things getting more expensive these days, we need to stretch the dollar!

Life is about choices. Go to Starbucks, get a coffee and cake for $12.  Or you could come to this place and get your cake ($1.20) and coffee from the coffesshop for ($1.10) for $2.30.

$12 versus $2.30.  Since I want to retire earlier rather than later, I would choose the cheaper option.  Call me cheap but I'd rather call myself practical.

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