Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adventure of the Seas - Stavanger, Norway, Part 7 - Stavanger Sail Away

We continue our walk.  By this time, we were very near the pier.  You could see the ship from this restaurant.  The MS Horizon had departed.

The Adventure of the Seas.

Another restaurant, just opposite the ship.

This row was full of restaurants and eateries.

We were walking back to the ship now.   The sky got very cloudy.

I think this ship was some type of exhibit? Not sure.

Salza Steakhouse and Bar.

Grilled Ribeye - 345 Kroners (or 62 USD)
NY Stripsteak - 365 Kroners (or 65 USD)

Time to get our tax refund.  The tax refund staff set up a table on board the ship, just after you get on.  There was a long queue, but it moved quite quickly.  You just needed to show her your tax refund slip that you get from the shops.  They didn't ask to see our goods either.  The staff just used our tax refund slip and gave us some cash back.  We got USD 13 back. Well, some cash was better than nothing.

Of course the tax refund company took a huge cut.  Based on my rough calculation, we got back 50% of the VAT paid, which means the company (in this case Global Blue) took the other 50%.

Sailing out.  What's that little hut on this islet?  Warning light maybe.

See the ferry?  It was following us out.

That was Stavanger.

I think these ships have something to do with the oil industry?

See, the ferry again.

Goodbye Stavanger, Norway.

See the following video of sailing away from Stavanger, Norway

This was our last stop on this wonderful Iceland and Norway cruise on board the Adventure of the Seas.   We had a great time.  So sad that the cruise would be ending soon.  We would have one more sea day before arriving at Southampton, UK for our disembarkation.

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