Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adventure of the Seas - Stavanger, on board Rygertroll, Part 5

Pictures of the fjord cruise on the Rygertroll, continued.  It was a very nice day indeed. 

Sailing through the islets.

That looked like somebody's summer house, I think.  No access other than by boat.

Scenic boat ride.

That was a fjord Roll-on-Roll-off ferry.  Could see trucks on board the RoRo.

We are approach the Lysefjord bridge - a suspension bridge in Rogaland, Norway. Construction of the bridge began in 1995 and was finished in 1997. It has a main span of 446 meters and the depth of the deck is 2.7 meters. The supporting towers are 102 meters tall, and are made of reinforced concrete. (information from wikipedia)

We would be going under the bridge.  We could see the vehicles driving across.

Not sure what this was.

That must be the entrance to the fjord.

We could see other boats on their way out.  Earlier sailings.

Beautiful day!

If you watched the videos earlier, we sailed around this boat.  Not sure why.  To take a closer look at the shoreline?

We were in the fjord now.  The boat could go rather close to the cliffs.

What if the cliffs fall down?

All taking photos.

Somebody carved the rock like a hot knife through butter.

Natural geological features.  Fascinating stuff.

There it is - Pulpit Rock!

See it?  If you are up there, you could wave at us.

Don't try jumping down though.  I can't guarantee your survival.

Legend has it that if seven sisters were to marry seven brothers, the rock would collapse.

Very fascinating structure.  I would imagine that some may have jumped down before.

Pulpit Rock on the right side.

Shortly after the Pulpit Rock, the boat turned back and headed straight back to port.  The ride back was shorter, since we didn't slow down to look at sights.  Still, it took about an hour or so.

Move on to Part 6 where we walked around town.

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