Saturday, August 16, 2014

Flutes at National Museum of Singapore

I had lunch with some friends at Flutes, at National Museum of Singapore.  This restaurant was formerly at Fort Canning, so we got a bit lost driving there as we first went to Fort Canning, only to discover that the restaurant was no longer there.  It had moved to the National Museum of Singapore itself.

Note - This is NOT a sponsored advertorial.  We paid for our own lunch.

Restaurant website -

Parking was convenient, in the museum itself.  There did not appear to be that many lots, however, since this was a weekday, there was ample parking space.  Once you enter through the main door of the museum, you see this sign.  Quite a number of different restaurants in the museum now.

This is where we will have our lunch.

A view of the restaurant from the entrance.  Rather elegant.

It looked rather uncrowded for lunch.  Later on, it would be about 1/3 full.

At my seat.  We were going to have the Executive Set Lunch, $38++.

Lunch Menu - also available on their website.

The bread with olive oil.  The bread was baked in-house.  Tasted really good.  Be careful, don't eat too much, save some stomach space for lunch!

This was my starter - the Wagyu beef salad.  The presentation certainly looked a tad messy.  The taste was acceptable, nothing special.   A friend had the seared Atlantic scallops - that looked better.

I chose the Fish main - Filet of Barramundi. This dish was quite well done, and I enjoyed it.  Some friends had the chicken and that looked a bit more ordinary.

Another angle.  The top garnishing is rather oriental in inspiration.

The freshly brewed coffee.  Nice.

The Creme brulee - this was rather poor.  It was soggy by the time we got it.

I didn't finish this.

The Dessert Fruit Salad was much, much better.  At least according to what I observed!

Overall, it was a decent lunch, given the ambience and setting.  The food wasn't spectacular (the Creme brulee was quite bad).

Would I go again?  Maybe, if they changed the menus.

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