Sunday, August 17, 2014

Spices Cafe (Concorde Hotel Singapore) - Harvest of the Seas Buffet - Place for Crab and Lobster

Concorde Hotel (100 Orchard Road) Singapore.

On this evening, we had the buffet dinner at Cafe Spices, called Harvest of the Seas buffet.  It was a Saturday evening.  This is a short video.

This is how the cafe looks like.  A fairly elegant setting.

This venue was not very big, compared to some other more famous buffets in town.  You can see the coffee machines on the right.  They are self-serve, for buffet guests.  However, the machines only had coffee and expresso, no latte.

A photo of the lobby area of this hotel.  This hotel is by no means new, however, it looked fairly well maintained.

The Harvest of the Seas buffet.  Cost was $50++ for adults (Weekends), $20 for children (ages 3-12). Each diner (including children) gets one complimentary serving of Baked half lobster or Braised baby abalone.  The buffet starts at 6:30pm and ends at 10pm.

The entrance to Spices Cafe.

On top of the lobster or abalone, you can also have crabs.  These are unlimited, served a la carte.  This is a great place if you love crab

The lobster.  Each diner gets one half lobster.  They will serve in a large plate.

This was for me!  Tasted really good.  Large chunks of lobster meat.

A closer look.

This was the section for salads.  I noticed that they were hardly touched.  The diners here were almost exclusively local and they were here for the seafood.

Nobody touched the cheeses either.  Some took bread though.

This station was for the raw stuff - sashimi, oysters ad the like.   Plentiful and always replenished

The desserts on a bed of ice.  Looked good.  However, I didn't find the desserts very good.

Here was what I had for desserts.

It was a very pleasant dinner.  The food suited the local (Singaporean) palate.  The seafood was definitely a big hit.

This is the buffet to come if you like seafood (lobster, crab).  The seafood was outstanding.  Looking around at the other tables, everybody was tucking into the seafood.  The rest of the cooked food was average.


  1. Hi Mr Guitar,

    Thanks for sharing!

    Just taking the lobster and crabs seems already worth the price! :)

    1. Indeed. The buffet was a clear hit with our older relatives. They loved it.

      However, this is not the place to go if you like high-class western food (e.g. beef carvery) and/or good desserts.

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