Saturday, August 2, 2014

Adventure of the Seas Day 12 - Stavanger Part 2

Stavanger Part 2 - we have arrived in Stavanger on a bright morning and we are off the ship.  Over here, we see a fjord cruise ferry sailing out.  The Horizon (Croisieres De France) ship was docked opposite the Adventure of the Seas.

Wonder what this hop-on hop-off bus was about.  We didn't stop to ask.

The Adventure of the Seas and the Horizon.

We were told to walk there, to board our fjord ferry.

Making our way around.  Not difficult.

This led to the city centre.  We would explore that later in the day.

We got here to get our tickets.  Rodne Fjord Cruises.  We were booked on the 10am sailing.  Quite a number of people bought tickets on the spot too.

A ferry came along and we weren't sure whether it was ours.  It was too early.

When we tried to board, the staff told us that this was the wrong ferry.  I think this ferry was operated by another company. Anyway, it wasn't 10am yet (only about 9:30am), so the timing was not correct either.

Since we had some time, we decided to walk around the place a bit.  The ferry would only come closer to 10am.  There were other people waiting in line to buy tickets.  Looks like it would be quite a popular sailing.

Across the road, we get to see the horizon from another angle.  The ship certainly didn't look that small.

See - Rodne Fjord Cruise signage.  Must be their office or something.

Side view of the Horizon.  Rather long.
Another view of the Horizon.

Our ferry arrives.  The name of the ferry was Rygertroll.   I googled to find out that she was pretty new - 2012.  200 GT.   A carbon catamaran with a maximum speed of 30 knots, 147 pax.  Length 24.5M, Width, 8.8M.

"Rygertroll is the first vessel equipped with the new carbon composite propulsion system, AZP35C from Rolls Royce. These forward facing thrusters significantly reduces noise and vibrations compared to conventional systems. The thrusters` low weight and high efficiency also contributes to further reduction of fuel consumption and CO2 emissions."

The lie to board.  Everything was done in an orderly manner.

The seats.  But most passengers were up on the sun deck.

Seats with tables.  Very convenient to put our stuff.

Rather spacious seating, with very clean toilets.

Coffee machines, 15 NOK.  Remember to put in a cup first!!

What were behind the curtains?

This was on the sun deck.

Most passengers were waiting here for the ferry to sail.  They wanted to catch the best views!

Ferry was waiting for more passengers.

Were we leaving soon?  I hope!

In Part 3 - check out the cruise to lysefjord videos!

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