Sunday, August 3, 2014

Adventure of the Seas - Stavanger, on board Rygertroll, Part 4

Part 4 - Pictures of the fjord cruise on board the Rygertroll

Here is the map showing our route, from Stavanger, up Lysefjorden and back.  We won't be going all the way, just past the Pulpit's Rock and we turn back.  The round trip would take about 3 hours.

We were still waiting for some last minute passengers.

And we sail.  On the way out, there were some more cruise ships in port!   What's this ship on the left of the picture?

Fred Olsen Cruise Lines.  Interesting.

She is the MS Braemar.  Completed in 1993, she is 24,344 GT and she is 195M long, almost the length of the Horizon.   When built, the ship was 19,000GT, but she was stretched to its current size in 2009.

On the way out of the harbour.

Goodbye, Braemar.

We sail further away.  You can see the Adventure of the Seas.  Really long and tall.

We head to the fjords.  Check out my videos for the ride.

This ferry (catamaran) can go fast, up to 30 knots.

Very calm waters.  Great.

Powerful engines.  I can't tell how fast we were sailing though.

Some certificate - Rygertroll.  I wonder, why troll?  I guess this is Norway.  Even their boats become trolls.

Going around some island.

The onboard cafe was now open.

Somme chocolates and biscuits for sale.  Nothing very much.

Drinks.  No hot food.

25 Kroner.

As the ferry was not that big, we could go into the nooks and corners.

Move on to part 5

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