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Adventure of the Seas Day 13 - Sea Day Part 1

Day 13 Sea Day.  This was the last full day we had on the ship.  Sob...

Video of the Cafe Promenade

Some pictures of the Cafe Promenade, I think it was early morning.  This is where you got the coffee and hot water (for tea).


Care for any food?

More food.

Plenty of ice water here.  I often stopped here to get hydrated, after walking around the ship much.

Rather empty.  It was early morning.


Nice and quiet.  This place can get rather busy later in the day.

Cushions to chill.

Mama Mia's Pizzeria.  Pizza's are not available around the clock.  Check with the staff for the timing.

The Imperial Lounge.  I recall on the Voyager, this was called the Cleopatra Lounge.

Chinese Imperial themed.  You see dragons.

And Terracotta Warriors.

A picture of an empty lounge.  I think they organized many activities here, including Bingo.

Now I am up to Deck 14, near the Diamond Club Lounge.

The Games room, with a grand piano.  The piano was opened for playing.

View of the pool area.

Future Cruise Sales Opening Hours.  This place was rather busy too.  Many passengers booking their future cruises.

Video of the Casino

Some pictures of the casino.

Table games.

Didn't look open.

Minimum and maximum bet.


We were on our way back to Southampton.

Having some fun at breakfast.

Hello!  Some super big mushrooms.

Some of the duty free liquor available.  Two for $37.

Oh, look what we found in the Royal Promenade.  A very huge cake.

It was really big.  From the Culinary Team.

Many passengers stopped to take a photo.

They would serve the cake shortly, but we didn't try it as we headed off to the theater to listen to the Captain.

The Captain giving a presentation.  Rather educational.

The Captain explaining all the different officers on the Bridge - their roles and responsibilities.

Passengers enjoying the sun, on the last sea day.

We headed to the Windjammer for lunch - and we found another sweet treat!

Looks kinda messy.  But it tasted good.

More ship pictures.

Nice and sunny, though not very warm.

Oh, a visitor on our balcony!

Head on to Main Dining Room Day 13

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